Grammar Quiz

Present and Past Simple Tense Quiz


Sarun _____ go to school yesterday.

A. doesn’t

B. didn’t

C. don’t

D. isn’t

Pongsak : Did you have fried rice for breakfast?

Tanarat : No, I _____fried rice.

A. didn’t have

B. didn’t has

C. haven’t

D. don’t

It _______ a lot in Ranong, Thailand.

A. is rain

B. is not rain

C. rains

D. rain

Benz : ________________________________

Paul : She was at school.

A. What was Sue yesterday?

B. Where was Sue yesterday?

C. What were Sue yesterday?

D. Where were Sue yesterday?

Kasipat : Did you _____well _____?

Dawut : Yes, I did.

A. sleep /last night

B. slept/everyday

C. sleeping/now

D. sleeps/today

Every morning I _______ at 5 o’clock.

A. doesn’t get up

B. gets up

C. am get up

D. get up

Jane _____ me last week.

A. visit

B. visits

C. visited

D. is visiting

It _______ a rainy day today. It is sunny.

A. doesn’t

B. is not

C. has

D. is

I _______ what you said last night.

A. don’t understand

B. understands

C. am not understand

D. was understood

They _______ Chinese but they _______ Thai.

A. don’t speak / don’t speak

B. speak / speak

C. are no speak / speak

D. don’t speak / speak

We _______ Thai fried rice very much.

A. likes

B. are like

C. like

D. are not like

Marry and I _____ single. We have been married since last year.

A. am

B. are not

C. are

D. am not

Tom : Was Ted at work yesterday?

Smith : ____________________

A. Yes, he wasn’t.

B. No, he weren’t.

C. No, he were.

D. Yes, he was.

Where ______ on vacation last summer?

A. went you

B. did you went

C. did you go

D. do you go

The market _______ on Fridays.

A. open

B. are open

C. are not opening

D. opens

Which sentence is Correct?

A. She knew him very well.

B. I writes to him yesterday.

C. She buy a new car last week.

D. He taken it to school this morning.

My brother _______ to the gym often.

A. don’t go

B. go

C. is go

D. goes

They always _______ basketball in the evening.

A. play

B. are not play

C. plays

D. playing

Which sentence is correct?

A. Did he watched TV last night?

B. Did he watch TV last night?

C. Did he watches last night?

D. Did watch TV last night?

Rungthawan : Did you play tennis?

Wilasinee : _________________________

A. Yes, I play.

B. Yes, I play.

C. Yes, I am

D. Yes, I did


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