Grammar Quiz

Present and Past Tense Quiz


……..Mia your classmate?

A. are

B. do

C. is

D. does

My father ….. my grandparents last month.

A. did visit

B. visits

C. was visit

D. visited

My sister usually ___ a book on Saturday. (read)

A. read

B. reading

C. is reading

D. reads

Frank ___ dogs when he was a child. (not / like)

A. doesn´t like

B. aren´t

C. don´t like

D. didn´t like

Bear……… in tropical forest

A. Live

B. lives

C. lived

D. living

Who …… Monalisa in 5th century?

A. paints

B. painted

C. did paint

D. does paint

how many students……….English?

A. know

B. are knowing

C. does know

D. knows

some teachers…….. much homework

A. are giving

B. gave

C. gives

D. give

……….your parents let you go to bed late?

A. are

B. do

C. does

D. is

She ___ well last night. (not / sleep)

A. doesn´t sleep

B. don´t sleep

C. didn´t sleep

D. wasn´t sleep

E. weren´t sleeping

Our new friend ___ from Germany, but I ___ from Czech Republic. (come)

A. come / come

B. comes / come

C. come / comes

D. is coming / are coming

What ___ you ___ when she broke her leg? (do)
I was writing my homework.

A. did you do

B. are you doing

C. were you doing

D. do you do

Susan never ___ a red dress. (buy)
But last Monday she ___ a new red dress. (buy)

A. buy / bought

B. buys / bought

C. bought / buys

D. was buying / bought

___ you at home last weekend? (be)
Or did you go to the cinema?

A. was

B. are

C. is

D. were

Children…… the garden

A. playing

B. plays

C. played

D. play

John ….. the old lady carry her shopping bags last week.

A. helps

B. was helped

C. helped

D. help

Risa…….the beautiful girl in her class

A. is

B. was

C. are

D. has

unfortunately, he …. late last night and …. the play.

A. was arriving

B. arrived/missed

C. arrived/ was missing

D. has arrived/ has missed

Where ……. your friends …… after school yesterday?

A. was/going

B. were/went

C. did/went

D. did/go

Steven Spielberg ……….. TV programs and then he …… to direct films many years ago.

A. directed/started

B. was direct/started

C. directed/was starting

D. did direct/started

nobody …… the school uniforms yesterday.

A. did wear

B. didn’t wear

C. was wear

D. wore

he is good at football but he……want to play now

A. isn’t

B. wasn’t

C. don’t

D. doesn’t

……. you …… Tom yesterday?

A. were/see

B. have/see

C. did/see

D. dis/saw

two days ago, I ……… a hamburger for lunch.

A. was had

B. was have

C. have

D. had

I ___ at school yesterday. (not / be)

A. was not

B. were not

C. is not

D. are not


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