Grammar Quiz

Present and Past Tense Quiz


She _____ music all the day

A. Listens

B. Listened

C. Listing

Our new friend ___ from Germany, but I ___ from Czech Republic. (come)

A. come / come

B. comes / come

C. come / comes

D. is coming / are coming

They ____ in a camp the last summer

A. Works

B. Worked

C. Work

My mum was cooking lunch, when my father ___ home. (come)

A. were coming

B. was coming

C. comes

D. came

E. come

Translate ti english: María no conoció a su padre

A. María didn’t know her father

B. María doesn’t know her father

C. María didn’t knew her father

She ___ well last night. (not / sleep)

A. doesn´t sleep

B. don´t sleep

C. didn´t sleep

D. wasn´t sleep

E. weren´t sleeping

When I ____ (be) un Japan the last vacations, I ___(find) everything very different

A. Was/found

B. Were/find

C. Is/find

It ____ all the night, the grass is wet

A. Rains

B. Rained

C. Runs

Susan never ___ a red dress. (buy)
But last Monday she ___ a new red dress. (buy)

A. buy / bought

B. buys / bought

C. bought / buys

D. was buying / bought

Yesterday, I ___ (see) Kate. I ___ (go) to her, ___ (say) hello and ___ (give) her a present.

A. see / go / say / give

B. saw / went / said / gave

C. was seeing / were going / was saying / were giving

D. sees / goes / says / gives

He ___ think in the problem

A. Don’t

B. Doesn’t

C. Didn’t

My sister usually ___ a book on Saturday. (read)

A. read

B. reading

C. is reading

D. reads

I ___ at school yesterday. (not / be)

A. was not

B. were not

C. is not

D. are not

Daniel ______ to his friends yesterday

A. Visited

B. Visit

C. Don’t visit

Frank ___ dogs when he was a child. (not / like)

A. doesn´t like

B. aren´t

C. don´t like

D. didn´t like

Theo and Sarah ___ at the moment. (run)

A. run

B. runs

C. are running

D. running

E. is running

What ___ you ___ when she broke her leg? (do)
I was writing my homework.

A. did you do

B. are you doing

C. were you doing

D. do you do

___ you at home last weekend? (be)
Or did you go to the cinema?

A. was

B. are

C. is

D. were

He ____ dance in the party

A. Don’t

B. Doesn’t

C. Does

He ___ think in the problem

A. Don’t

B. Doesn’t

C. Didn’t

They ___ in New York ten years ago. (live)

A. live

B. life

C. lived

D. lives

E. was living


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