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Present and Past Tenses Quiz


The baby … for the past two hours.

A. has slept

B. has been sleeping

C. sleeps

D. is sleeping

“What are you doing tonight?”“I … TV with my friends.”

A. watch

B. was watching

C. watched

D. am watching

These jeans … you more than those trousers.

A. are suiting

B. have suited

C. have been suiting

D. suit

I … for two hours before I twisted my ankle.

A. climbed

B. had been climbing

C. had climbed

D. was climbing

She usually … to school in the morning.

A. is walking

B. walks

C. has walked

D. has been walking

This soup … terrible! What’s in it?

A. is tasting

B. taste

C. tastes

D. has tasted

Mary … very friendly and polite.

A. has been usually

B. is usually being

C. is usually

D. is being usually

“Hurry up, the train to Bristol … at 6:30!”“OK, I’m coming!”

A. has left

B. leave

C. is leaving

D. leaves

It started to snow while we … to school.

A. had walked

B. have walked

C. have been walking

D. were walking

The emergency services … by the time we got there.

A. had been arriving

B. had arrived

C. arrived

D. were arriving

Samantha … to America once before.

A. was going

B. has been

C. has gone

D. has been going

I … my family so much because they are always there for me.

A. love

B. have loved

C. have been loving

D. am loving

These days, Jason … how to drive.

A. learns

B. learn

C. is learning

D. has learned

“What … to your car?”“I wrecked it in an accident.”

A. had been happening

B. happened

C. had happened

D. was happening

The fire alarm … for 10 minutes now.

A. was ringing

B. had been ringing

C. had rung

D. has been ringing


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