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Present Continuous Tense Quiz


___ you ___my dictionaries right now ?

A. Are – bringing

B. Is – bring

C. Am – bringing

D. Do – bringing

–“Is this raincoat yours?”

– “No. mine there behind the door.”

A. is hanging

B. hangs

C. am hanging

What is he doing?

A. He’s jumping.

B. She is reading.

C. He is drinking some water.

D. He is reading.

Complete the dialogue!

Aisyah: What are you doing tomorrow at this time of the day?
Ghania : Well, I don’t know. Perhaps, I . . . in my bedroom.

A. sleep

B. yoyo

C. take a bath

D. will be sleeping

Sumarni is not sleeping now. She is ….

A. cooking in the kitchen

B. reading a book

C. making her bed

D. sweeping the floor

The birds ____ cawl. They like to eat seeds!

A. is not eating

B. am not eating

C. are not eating

She ___________ wearing T-shirt now.

A. wearing

B. wear

C. is wearing

D. are wearing

You …………. ……….. to me again!

A. are /listen

B. aren’t /listening

C. is /listening

D. are / will listen

They are _____ a new shopping mall downtown.

A. opening

B. openning

C. open

The teacher … the lesson.

A. Is explainning

B. Explainning

C. Are exlpainning

D. Explains

The reporter …………. a photo.

A. is taking

B. are taking

C. am taking

D. take

Write the present tense of the verbs.

A. ran

B. runing

C. running

Read the conversation carefully.

Imam :What are you doing?
Dody: I’m watching TV. It’s Spongebob.
I like this film very much.
Imam : You should . . . now. You are going
to have a test tomorrow, right?

A. be studying

B. studying

C. be study

D. study

Is the girl ________ next to him his fiancée?

A. sit

B. sitting

C. sat

nina and nani …….. writing poems for an English subject.

A. are

B. is

C. am

……. Gina doing homework in her classroom?

A. is

B. am

C. are

Where …………your wife?

A. am

B. is

C. are

D. be

We……….(play) the guitar at this time.

A. be

B. is / playing

C. am / play

D. are / playing

What _____ you _____ now?

A. do – do

B. is – doing

C. are – do

D. are – doing

My dad ____ flying to Wales.

A. am not

B. are not

C. is not

I …………………. my teeth.

A. is brushing

B. am brushing

C. are brushing

D. brush

……. they ……………. their homework? Yes, they are.

A. are , doing

B. is , doing

C. am , doing

We _____ cooking food over a wood fire.

A. am

B. are

C. is

She is doing aerobics ______

A. everyday

B. at the present

C. twice a week

D. after school

Several old people . . . around the park (+)

A. am walking

B. is walking

C. are walking


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