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Fatimah buys fruits and vegetables. She … salad tomorrow.

A. will make

B. made

C. makes

D. is making

Rangga will … the competition next week.

A. join

B. joining

C. joined

D. be join

There are many food sellers in the town square. My mother usually … me some fried noodle and orange juice.

A. buy

B. buys

C. bought

D. buying

We … a story book last week.

A. bought

B. buy

C. buying

D. buys

Freddy : … wearing that dress. It really looks good on you.

Astrid : Do you think so ? Thanks.

A. You are very common

B. You look beautiful

C. I’m not pleased with it

D. This is satisfactory

Roberta : Could you pay attention for a moment , please ?

Winda : …

Roberta : We have to submit this work right now.

A. I don ‘t want to know

B. I’m busy

C. Of course

D. I’m sorry

The children were in the playground. They … hide and seek.

A. plays

B. playing

C. played

D. play

We … need to bring many books today, because we just … hand phone or lap top to study during the pandemic.

A. do not ; bring

B. did not ; brought

C. are not ; bring

D. are not ; brings

William : What do you think about our new English teacher ?

Charlie : … she is okay.

A. In my opinion

B. I don’t know her

C. I haven’t met her

D. I don’t understand

Last Sunday my friend and I visited the beach. We … there by motorcycle. We … at the beach at 09.00 in the morning.

A. went ; arrive

B. went ; arrived

C. go ; arrive

D. go ; arrives

Ahmad always … to stadium every Sunday to do aerobic.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. going

She … work in the Bank, but she works in that factory.

A. doesn’t

B. didn’t

C. isn’t

D. wasn’t

Mr. Smith : Can I get your attention please ?

Doni : Yes, sir.

The underlined sentence is the expression of …

A. showing ability

B. showing attention

C. asking for attention

D. asking for opinion

Vina : Is it your handmade jewelry?

Yogi : Of course. I made it for two weeks.

Vina : …

Yogi : Not really.

What is the best response for the dialogue above ?

A. It looks so terrific !

B. What a nice song !

C. I think it’s so beautiful

D. It tastes so bad.

These are expression to check understanding, except…

A. What a beautiful girl

B. Have you got it ?

C. Do you understand what I am saying ?

D. Are you following me ?

Teacher : So students, I want you to make a dialogue with your partner, then practice it in front of the class. Do you get my point ?

Students : Yes, sir.

What does the underlined sentence express ?

A. Giving opinion

B. Asking for opinion

C. Checking for understanding

D. Praising someone you know

Jenny : What do you think about this restaurant ?

Laura : To my mind, the food is good but the price is too expensive.

from the dialogue above we can conclude that ..

A. Jenny is giving opinion

B. Laura is giving opinion

C. Jenny is paying attention

D. Laura is checking Jenny’s understanding

Nancy : What can you say about to Avengers movie ?

Mirna : I think …

A. I like it

B. I know

C. I forget

D. I have to go

Mrs. Wati : … I have announcement for you class.

Students : What is that , Ma’am ?

Mrs. Wati : We will visit Batik Museum next Monday

A. That’s great !

B. Please listen to me

C. Do you understand?

D. I think you are great

Mr Candra : The highest score for English test is 90. It is Hanna who got it.

Thomas : What a great job ! Congratulations Hanna

Hanna : Thank you very much.

The underlined sentence is the expression used to …

A. check for understanding

B. asking for attention

C. appreciating others

D. asking for opinion

Ratih : How often does Steven practice his English ?

Tony : He practice English everyday.

Ratih : Oh, really ? …

A. What do you do ?

B. You are right.

C. What a diligent student !

D. I like English.

He is going to … his friend in hospital.

A. visited

B. visits

C. visit

D. visiting

Farah : Berry, what do you think about the cake I bake ? Is it good?

Berry : Yes, it is but …

A. I am sorry to hear that

B. I like a surprise

C. No, thanks

D. I think it is too sweet

Rosa : It is cloudy. Do you think it’s going to rain ?

Indah : …

A. I am satisfied it

B. I don’t believe it

C. I don’t know

D. I think so

Hery draws animal on white board.

The negative form of the sentence is …

A. He doesn’t draw animal on white board.

B. He didn’t draw animal on white board.

C. He is not drawing animal on white board

D. He was not drawing animal on white board


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