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Present & Past Tenses Quiz


A taxi driver who witnessed the accident took my injured brother to the hospital and then. . . my parents.

A. was calling

B. Call

C. calling

D. called

E. to call

The engine….smoothly when it suddenly stopped.

A. is running

B. runs

C. has run

D. running

E. was running

A : This is a very old building.

B : I wasn’t even born when it ….

A. had built

B. is built

C. was built

D. is being built

E. has been built

“When did the farmer find that ancient tool?”

“When he . . . his field.”

A. has been ploughing

B. was ploughing

C. had ploughed

D. has ploughed

E. is ploughing

“Since when hasn’t she been feeling well?”

“Since she___ from Singapore.”

A. has been returning

B. returned

C. was returning

D. has returned

E. had returned

Police : “Yes, madam, what can we do for you?”

Woman : “I want to make a report. I parked my car in the parking lot. When I got back, the car wasn’t there anymore. …”

A. It should be stolen

B. It is stolen

C. It stole

D. It will be stolen

E. It was stolen

“When did you realize you had lost your purse?”

“When I … money to pay the bus fare.’

A. am needing

B. was needing

C. had needed

D. needed

E. have needed

“As a student, I always had instant noodles for breakfast.”

This means that I___ for breakfast.

A. used to have instant noodles

B. am having instant noodles

C. am used to having instant noodles

D. like to have instant noodles

E. have instant noodles

Nukmi : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?

Rendra : She … in the kitchen.

A. was cooking

B. cooks

C. has cooked

D. is cooking

E. has been cooking

Tuti came home very late last night. Where did Budiman take her to?

A. To the movies he took her last night

B. She took him to the movies last night

C. Last night she took him to the movies

D. He took her last night to the movies

E. He took her to the movies last night

My daughter … a lot of photographs of the Borobudur when she went there on her last vacation.

A. had taken

B. has taken

C. would take

D. has been taking

E. took


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