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Present & Past Tenses Quiz


Our clothes were wet because we ___ in the rain.

A. had walked

B. were walking

C. walked

D. had been walking

Tuti came home very late last night. Where did Budiman take her to?

A. To the movies he took her last night

B. She took him to the movies last night

C. Last night she took him to the movies

D. He took her last night to the movies

E. He took her to the movies last night

While I ___ the dishes last night, I dropped a plate and broke it.

A. was washing

B. had been washing

C. washed

D. had washed

Susan is a fashion designer. Now, she ___ at a new set of clothes to be shown at a fashion show in April.

A. works

B. is working

C. has been working

D. has worked

Jake is a good footballer. Do you know since when ____ football?

A. has he been playing

B. is he playing

C. he has been playing

D. he plays

I don’t like Alice. She ____ about difficulties of life all the time.

A. complains

B. is complaining

C. has been complaining

D. has complained

it’s written that the train ___ at 10 on Sundays.

A. is leaving

B. has left

C. has been leaving

D. leaves

A man once built a house and ___ his friends to visit him.

A. invited

B. had invited

C. has invited

D. was inviting

Their car is as good as new though they ___ it for a number of years.

A. have had

B. are having

C. have

D. have been having

“When did you realize you had lost your purse?”

“When I … money to pay the bus fare.’

A. am needing

B. was needing

C. had needed

D. needed

E. have needed

Her face was stained with tears and her eyes were red. She ___ .

A. was crying

B. had cried

C. cried

D. had been crying

I found the way to her house quite easily because Nora ___ it to me very well.

A. had described

B. described

C. has described

D. described

Our neighbours called the police when they found out that somebody ___ into their house.

A. broke

B. was breaking

C. had broken

D. had been breaking

A : This is a very old building.

B : I wasn’t even born when it ….

A. had built

B. is built

C. was built

D. is being built

E. has been built

Who ___ my newspaper? It was on my desk a minute ago.

A. took

B. have taken

C. takes

D. has taken

“As a student, I always had instant noodles for breakfast.”

This means that I___ for breakfast.

A. used to have instant noodles

B. am having instant noodles

C. am used to having instant noodles

D. like to have instant noodles

E. have instant noodles

My daughter … a lot of photographs of the Borobudur when she went there on her last vacation.

A. had taken

B. has taken

C. would take

D. has been taking

E. took

Police : “Yes, madam, what can we do for you?”

Woman : “I want to make a report. I parked my car in the parking lot. When I got back, the car wasn’t there anymore. …”

A. It should be stolen

B. It is stolen

C. It stole

D. It will be stolen

E. It was stolen

“When did the farmer find that ancient tool?”

“When he . . . his field.”

A. has been ploughing

B. was ploughing

C. had ploughed

D. has ploughed

E. is ploughing

The engine….smoothly when it suddenly stopped.

A. is running

B. runs

C. has run

D. running

E. was running

A taxi driver who witnessed the accident took my injured brother to the hospital and then. . . my parents.

A. was calling

B. Call

C. calling

D. called

E. to call

Nukmi : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?

Rendra : She … in the kitchen.

A. was cooking

B. cooks

C. has cooked

D. is cooking

E. has been cooking

“Since when hasn’t she been feeling well?”

“Since she___ from Singapore.”

A. has been returning

B. returned

C. was returning

D. has returned

E. had returned

Sonia ___ as a computer programmer this year, but she’d like to try something different in the future.

A. has been working

B. has worked

C. is working

D. works


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