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Present Perfect: for/since Quiz


My parents ____ (stay) in this holiday villa in Spain every year ____ I was born.

A. have stayed/since

B. have stay/ since

C. have stayed/ for

D. have stay/ for

John and Magda ____ (not/speak) to each other ____ five days.

A. haven`t speak/ since

B. haven`t speaken/ for

C. haven`t spoken/ for

D. hasn`t speaked/ since

Kate ____(know) her ____ childhood.

A. have know/ for

B. has known/ for

C. has known/ since

D. have knowed/ since

Charlie ____ (do) the ironong ____ 30 minutes.

A. has done/ for

B. have do/ for

C. has done/ since

D. has done/ since

Rose ____ (work) in Paris ____ ages.

A. has worked/ for

B. has work/ since

C. have worked/for

D. have work / since

I ____ (not/spend) Christmas with my family ____ 2015.

A. haven`t spend/ for

B. haven`t spent/ since

C. hasn`t spend/for

D. hasn`t spent/ since

They ____ (use) this laptop ____ spring.

A. have used/ since

B. has used/ since

C. have use/ for

D. have using/ for

We ____ (not/visit) grandma ____ last winter.

A. has not visit/ for

B. have not visit/since

C. hasn`t visited/ for

D. haven`t visited/ since

We ____(live) in this house ____ 2005.

A. have lived/ for

B. have lived/ since

C. has lived/ for

D. has lived/ since

It looks like you ____ (not/clean) this kitchen ____ several weeks.

A. have not clean/ since

B. hasn`t cleaned/ for

C. haven`t cleaned/ for

D. have not clean/ since

I ____ (not/see) Rob ____ my birthday six week ago.

A. hasn`t see/ for

B. haven`t seen/ since

C. has seen not/ for

D. has not see/ since

Karen ____ (not/be) near the sea ____ a long time.

A. haven`t be/ for

B. hasn`t been/ since

C. haven`t been/ since

D. hasn`t been/ for


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