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Present Perfect - Just, Already, Yet Quiz


A: I’m making food, do you want some?

B: Oh! It’s ok, I’m full. I ______________ (eat)
A. have already eaten

B. have just eaten

C. haven’t eaten yet

What? They ____________ (leave)? But I wanted to come with them!

A. have already left

B. have just left

C. hasn’t left yet

They ____________ (release) the new video! Quick, watch it in Youtube!

A. has just released

B. hasn’t released yet

C. has already release

A: Where’s the bus?

B: It ___________________ (depart) 20 minutes ago.

A: What? I thought I was on time!

A. has already departed

B. has just departed

C. hasn’t departed yet

Jane _________________ (go out), she’s still in her room.

A. hasn’t gone out yet

B. has already gone out

C. has just gone out

A: I ____________ (send) you the e-mail.

B: aw, but the deadline’s still next week!
A. have already sent

B. have just sent

C. haven’t sent yet

I __________________ (do) my math homework, but I __________________ (do) my English homework yet.

A. have already done, haven’t done

B. have already done, have done

C. did, have done

D. haven’t done, have done

A: You missed the bus, it __________ (depart) like, a minute ago.

B: Oh. oh well.
A. has just left

B. has already left

C. hasn’t left yet

A: Is that Mark on the phone?

B: yeah, he __________ (call) to say hi.
A. has just called

B. has already called

C. hasn’t called yet

_______________ (clean her room)? Mom’s coming soon

A. has she cleaned her room yet

B. she has already cleaned her room

C. she has just cleaned her room

I ____________ (mop) the floor so don’t go running around. You might slip.

A. have just mopped

B. haven’t mopped yet

C. have already mopped

A: Will Paul arrive this afternoon?

B: No, he ___________ (arrive) this morning.
A. has already arrived

B. has just arrived.

C. hasn’t arrived yet.


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