Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect or Past Simple Quiz


He __________ to the gym this morning.

A. went

B. goes

C. have gone

D. has gone

How long has __________ been a doctor at this hospital?

A. you

B. Judith

C. they

D. Karla and Mary

Miley Cyrus ____________ in my city yet. Maybe she’ll give a concert next year.

A. sang

B. singing

C. hasn’t sung

D. has sung

She ______________ come in to work since last Friday. 

A. haven’t

B. hasn’t

C. not have

D. not has

We ______________ at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas last time we went.

A. have stayed

B. staying

C. been

D. stayed

I’ve never __________ to Universal Studios Hollywood. 

A. gone

B. go

C. went

D. going

Since I’ve been here in Las Vegas, I _______________ to a Cirque Du Soleil show.

A. not been

B. have’nt been

C. haven’t been

D. has not been

I _______________ to the beach three times this year.

A. have

B. ‘ve been

C. go

D. gone

I’m hungry. I __________ breakfast at 7 this morning.

A. have eaten

B. ate

C. eat

D. eating

I _____________ NY pizza. It’s delicious.

A. ‘ve already eaten

B. ‘s eaten

C. have eaten already

D. eaten

Irene __________ not at the meeting last Monday.

A. was

B. has

C. is

D. wasn’t

The man was a soldier in 1968. He ____________ in Vietnam.

A. fight

B. fighted

C. fought

D. has fought

They ________________ building the new mall yet.

A. have been

B. haven’t finished

C. been

D. hasn’t finished

The other day, I __________ you at the mall. You didn’t say ‘hi’ 🙁

A. see

B. saw

C. have seen

D. seen

__________ you ever eaten at Carl’s Jr?

A. Has

B. Do

C. Have

D. Did

__________ you visit the Museum of Natural History in your last trip to NYC?

A. Have

B. Has

C. Do

D. Did

Sandra ______________ arrived.

A. have

B. just has

C. has

D. yet

I watched the new Transformers movie last night. I ____________ it.

A. don’t like

B. not liked

C. didn’t liked

D. didn’t like

Earlier today, I ___________ my clothes.

A. washed

B. wash

C. washing

D. have washed

I’ve _____________ Cartoon Network in my life.

A. have never watched

B. watched never

C. no watched

D. never watched


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