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Present Perfect Simple Quiz


Choose the correct adverb for this sentence: I haven’t done a parachute jump

A. Already

B. Yet

C. Never

D. Usually

How long have you studied English?

A. I have studied English four years ago

B. I have studied English for many years

Have you ever ridden in a hot-air balloon?

A. No, I haven’t

B. Yes, I has

We form the present perfect simple with HAVE/HAS + PAST PARTICIPLE VERB

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

Which auxiliary do we use for I / YOU / WE / THEY

A. Have

B. Has

We have travel to Paris

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

When do we use the present perfect simple?

A. To talk about routines

B. To talk about an event in the past

C. To talk about actions that started in the past and we can see the result in the present

We can use adverbs such as YET, ALREADY, NEVER, EVER, SO FAR

A. Incorrect

B. Correct

I just have bought a stripped t-shirt

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

The kids has put helmets on

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

Which auxiliaries do we use in the present perfect simple?

A. Did

B. Have/has

C. Do/does

Juan Martin Del Potro has played tennis

A. the age of three

B. since the age of three

C. for the age of three


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