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Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Quiz


I ___________ Japanese for many years. I am almost fluent.

A. have been studying

B. has been studying

C. have studyed

They ___ (know) each other for ten years!

A. have been knowing

B. have been knowed

C. have knowed

D. have known

Jack and Sue went to New Zealand last year for a holiday.

A. They have visited New Zealand.

B. They have been visiting New Zealand.

He ______________ for hours in Japanese. I wish he would stop!

A. has been talked

B. has been talking

C. has talked

Tim moved to London in 2007, but now he lives in Paris.

A. He has lived in London.

B. He has been living in London.

John and Tony __________________ all day! They are still hitting and kicking each other.

A. have been fought

B. have been fighting

C. have fought

She ___ (always/love) chocolate.

A. has always loved

B. has loved always

C. has always been loving

D. has been loving always

I ___ (call) you for half an hour. Where __ (you/be)?

A. have been calling; have you been

B. have called, have you been

C. have called, have you been being

D. have been calling, have you been beeing

Jack _______________ in Melbourne for many years.

A. has worked

B. has been working

C. has worked/has been working

How long ________ (work) on this grammar exercise?

A. have you been work

B. have you been working

C. have you worked

D. you have been working

I __ (have) this computer for 10 years.

A. have been having

B. have been had

C. have had

D. have having

I started at Swinburne last year. I am going to study here until next year.

A. I have been studying at Swinburne since last year.

B. I have been studying at Swinburne for last year.

Julie ___ (learn) how to drive for 6 years! and she still can’t!

A. has learnt

B. has been learning

C. have learned

D. have been learning

She had her phone this morning. Now she can’t find it.

A. She has lost her phone.

B. She has been losing her phone.

I started work at 6am. It’s 6pm now, but I am not finished.

A. I have been working for 12 hours.

B. I worked at 6am.


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