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Present Perfect Simple & Continuous Quiz


It’s known that the universe ______, and this will continue to happen in the future, too.

A. expanded

B. expanding

C. has been expanding

D. was expanding

Logan ______ able to focus on his studies lately.

A. hasn’t been

B. hasn’t being

C. wasn’t

D. hasn’t been being

Tourism in Cappadocia ______ as more and more tourists are going there each day.

A. has been recovering

B. has recovered

C. recovered

D. recovering

It’s amazing that Martha ______ 15 books this month.

A. has been reading

B. has reading

C. has read

D. read

Hamilton has ______ his car into the wall. He’s out of the race.

A. crash

B. crashed

C. crashing

D. been crashing

As a new mom, she hasn’t ______ well recently.

A. sleeping

B. sleep

C. been slept

D. been sleeping

How long ______ your dad ______ this car? It looks really old.

A. have / had

B. has / had

C. have / been having

D. has / been having

This is the third cup of coffee I ______ this morning, but I still don’t feel awake.

A. have had

B. have been having

C. have

D. had

Residents are still nervous because the police ______ the mugger yet.

A. have found

B. have been finding

C. haven’t found

D. haven’t been finding

This area looks greener. Have they ______ trees around here?

A. plant

B. been planted

C. planting

D. been planting

There ______ some improvements on Twitter since Elon Musk bought it.

A. has been

B. have been

C. has been being

D. have been being

How long ______ you ______ your best friend?

A. have / knowing

B. have / known

C. have / been knowing

______ you ______ the report yet? I need to have a look.

A. Have / been finishing

B. Do / finish

C. Have / finished

D. Were / finishing

What’s the most valuable thing you ______ so far?

A. have purchased

B. purchasing

C. have been purchasing

D. purchase


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