Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous Quiz


The scientist ___ their research yet

A. haven’t finished

B. haven’t been finished

Animal conservation ___ more important in the last 100 years

A. became

B. has become

Kate has been studying endangered species ___

A. for ten years

B. since ten years

C. ten years

He has been collecting fossils ___ he was a student.

A. for

B. ago

C. since

Nobody is here. They have ___ to find new species in the rainforest.

A. gone

B. been

C. going

Many explorers have ____ to the North Pole

A. go

B. been

C. going

Climate change ___ many glaciers to melt.

A. caused

B. has caused

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay got to the top of Mount Everest ____

A. since 1953

B. almost 60 years ago

C. for almost 60 years

The Giant Panda ___ an endangered species for years

A. has been

B. was

The fisherman ___ 50 kilos of fish since yesterday.

A. has been catching

B. has caught


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