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Present Perfect Tense Quiz


My English teacher ……. my homework yet.

A. haven’t checked

B. hasn’t checked

C. has checked

The book (sell) ________ millions of copies so far.

A. sold

B. has sold

C. is selling

Fajrin …… in Kasongan for three years.

A. has be

B. has been

C. have been

D. is

I _________________ to Oregon twice last year

A. have been

B. has been

C. went

D. was going

The school bell has ….. Let’s go!

A. started

B. rung

C. given

It____ happened several times already.

A. has

B. have

Have you _________ gone to Cusco?

A. just

B. ever

C. already

D. yet

The chef … the dessert

A. has served

B. have served

C. has serving

D. have serving

Roni has …. for two hours

A. slept

B. sleeped

C. sleep

D. sleeps

Steven ________________ seven movies so far this month.

A. saw

B. will see

C. has seen

D. will have seen

I ____ seen you for ages.

A. have

B. has

Josua and Mark ……. the books since yesterday

A. borrowed

B. has borrowed

C. have borrowed

I ___________a lot about the oil industry since 1996.

A. learned

B. have learning

C. have learned

D. has learned

Which one is correct ?

A. I still haven’t been to Bkk

B. I yet have been to Bkk

C. I have been to bkk just .

We have not ….. anything

A. Done

B. Do

C. Did

D. Does

He’s ____________ arrived. He is soaking wet from the rain outside.

A. already

B. just

C. yet

We __________ Sam for ages.

A. have known

B. has knew

C. knew

D. know

Somebody _____ my bicycle! Now I’ll have to walk home.

A. stole

B. steel

C. has stolen

D. have stolen

I ……… never …….. in a plane.

A. have / flied

B. have / flown

C. have / flew

D. has / flown

She … fed the cow yet

A. hasn’t

B. haven’t

C. not has

D. not have

You ….. not shopped in that market

A. Did

B. Has

C. Do

D. Have

My handphone … …. by a thief last night

A. is stealing

B. is stolen

C. was stolen

D. was stealing

E. being stolen

She ……. to work a week ago.

A. had not work

B. has not worked

C. has not works

D. have not work

Which one is correct ?

A. for 3 days

B. since 3 days

Make the question perfect tense sentence ?

John / write / letter /for 2 weeks

A. Has John wrote letter for 2 weeks.

B. Has John written letter for 2 weeks.

C. Have John writeen letter for 2 weeks

D. Have John wrote letter for 2 weeks


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