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Present Perfect Tense and Simple Past Tense Quiz


Ken __________ already __________ his friends to his birthday party. He is very excited now.

A. has invite

B. has inviting

C. has invited

D. have invited

My mum has not ____ come back from work.

A. ever

B. still

C. yet

D. just

The form of the present perfect tense:

A. have/has + past participle

B. had + participle

C. be + verb + -ing

D. have/has + past tense

She _________________ ten pages already.

A. has wrote

B. has written

C. writed

D. wrote

A: Have you ever been abroad?

B: Yes, I _____ to Canada 3 years ago.

A. go

B. went

C. have been

D. have gone

I haven’t been out for a meal _____ the new outbreak of COVID-19.

A. since

B. for

C. still

D. yet

I ………. my grandparents last week.

A. visit

B. has visited

C. visited

D. have visited

I _________________ to Disneyland three times.

A. have been

B. has been

C. went

D. was going

Andrea _________ her umbrella. She is running back to school so as not to get wet.

A. have forgotten

B. has forgotten

C. was forgot

D. has forgot

A: Do you know where Adam is?

B: Yes, I’ve ___ seen him. He’s in the kitchen.

A. just

B. never

C. already

D. ever

I _____ to school every day when I was young.

A. walk

B. walked

C. have walked

D. have never walked

I …….. (buy) a new sweater last week.

A. have brought

B. have bought

C. brought

D. bought

When do you use “yet” with Present Perfect tense?

A. In questions and negative sentences.

B. In affirmative a sentences.

C. In questions.

D. In negative and affirmative sentences.

Steven ________________ seven movies so far this month.

A. saw

B. will see

C. has seen

D. will have seen

James has been in Thailand _____ months but he hasn’t visited the beach _____ .

A. for/ still

B. since/ already

C. since/ just

D. for/ yet

She hasn’t_____ a holiday in the mountains _____ 2019.

A. have/ since

B. has/ for

C. had/ since

D. had/ for

Have you _____ money to a busker?

A. ever give

B. never give

C. ever given

D. given ever

_______ you ever ________ to China?

A. Did … went

B. Did …. go

C. Have … been

D. Has … gone

The cat _________ just __________ a mouse and it is so happy.

A. has caught

B. have caught

C. has catched

D. has catch

We…….here since yesterday.

A. has been

B. have been

C. had been

D. has


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