Grammar Quiz

Present Progressive (Future) Quiz


She __________________ to the beach the next week.

A. is not going

B. are going

C. is go

D. is not went

_____________ they ______________ a party for their son this weekend?

A. Are / making

B. Is / making

C. Are / makeing

D. Is / make

Which sentence is different?

A. Is your father going to Istanbul tonight

B. She is doing her homework now.

C. We are playing football next weekend.

D. Are you doing anything special tomorrow?

What are you doing _______ afternoon?

A. at

B. next

C. tomorrow

D. on

I ___________ in the next race.

A. am not competing

B. won’t competing

C. amn’t competing

D. am not compete

What time __________ Daniel _____________?

A. are / come

B. are / coming

C. is / coming

D. is comeing

Why ________ he _____________ at 4 P.M?

A. are / leaving

B. does / leaves

C. is / leave

D. is / leaving

They aren’t walking to the party ________ weekend

A. next

B. tomorrow

C. in

D. at

Mel and Lee ___________ a party at their place Saturday night!

A. are have

B. have

C. are having

D. will has

I _______________ English class during this month.

A. am not take

B. am not taking

C. are not taking

D. am not take

__________ you playing in the team tomorrow?

A. Do

B. Are

C. Will

D. Shall

Are you ____________ soon?

A. leave

B. left

C. leaving

D. will leave

The team is meeting with the PE teacher ___________.

A. yesterday

B. tonight

C. two hours ago

D. last day

My brothers _________________ soccer in the park tonight.

A. are played

B. are not playing

C. is not playing

D. are not plaing

__________ your sister_______________ to Europe tomorrow?

A. Is / travelling

B. Are / travelling

C. Does / travelling

D. Do / travelling

A: What are you doing __________? B: I haven’t decided yet. What are you up to?

A. at the moment

B. now

C. this weekend

D. right now

My family is very excited because my brother ____________ tomorrow!

A. will get married

B. is going to get married

C. will be get married

D. is getting married

Where _______ you ___________ tonight?

A. is / eating

B. are / eating

C. are / eat

D. are ate

Ben is ___________ a test this afternoon.

A. drinking

B. eating

C. drawing

D. taking

Which one is different?

A. I am waiting for my sister now.

B. I am meeting my parents for dinner tomorrow.

C. Listen, the baby is crying.

D. It is raining outside at the moment.

_____________ her mother ________________ tomorrow?

A. Are / working

B. Is / working

C. Are / work

D. Is / works

I ________ going to Spain in August

A. ‘m not

B. am

C. ‘m

D. All answers are possible

Mary and Sam _________________ dinner on tuesday.

A. are cooking

B. are not cook

C. is cooking

D. are cook

________ you doing anything this evening?

A. Will

B. Are

C. Do

D. Shall

My parents ______ going to Rome on Friday.

A. are

B. is

C. am

D. isn’t


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