Grammar Quiz

Present Progressive or Present Simple Quiz


What__________ she_________ about my new dress now?

A. does, thinks

B. is, thinking

C. does, think

D. is, think

Where ________ she ___________?

A. is, living

B. is, liveing

C. does, lives

D. does, live

Helen __________this music. She _______to it all the time.

A. love, listen

B. is loving, is listening

C. loves, listens

D. love, is listening

I _________ to buy a new coat.

A. need

B. needs

C. am needing

We ________ lunch everyday.

A. eats

B. have

C. are eating

D. are having

“________ you _________ to me?”

A. Are, listening

B. Do, listen

C. Does, listen

D. Are, listenning

I _______________ your phone number.

A. doesn’t remember

B. don’t remember

C. am not remembering

D. aren’t remembering

We___________ you loud and clear!

A. hearing

B. hears

C. hear

D. listening

________ Shira __________ fish?

A. Do, likes

B. Does, likes

C. Is, liking

D. Does, like

The baby __________ at the moment.

A. not sleeping

B. sleeping

C. sleeps

D. isn’t sleeping

I __________________ well today.

A. am not feel

B. don’t feel

C. am not feeling

D. not feel

___________computer games every day?

A. Do they play

B. Do you plays

C. Is she playing

D. Does she plays

They ___________ together on campus every Thursday afternoon.

A. doing

B. studies

C. are doing

D. study

Normally, Jenny ________ black shoes, but today she _________ red wellies.

A. wear, is wearing

B. wear, wears

C. wears, is wearing

D. wears, wears

I always ______ to take an umbrella with me.

A. forget

B. forgets

C. am forgetting

D. forgetting


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