Grammar Quiz

Present Progressive Tense Quiz


What are they doing now?

They ___________ books now.

A. are reading

B. is reading

C. reads

D. reading

Lisa___________ . She is daydreaming.

A. aren’t listen

B. isn’t listening

C. weren’t listened

D. doesn’t listen

Sandy __________ the car at the moment. 

A. drive

B. is driving 

C. are driving 

D. is driveing 

Don’t disturb him. He __________ at the moment.

A. sleeps

B. is sleeping

C. is sleep

D. sleep

I _______ a sandwich now.

A. am eating

B. is eating

C. are eating

D. eats

I am busy right now. I _______ breakfast.

A. am have

B. have

C. having

D. am having

_____ you waiting for a bus?

A. Do

B. Are

C. Does

D. Is

What _____________? It looks awful.

A. do you drinking

B. are you drink

C. are you drinking

D. does you drink

At the moment, the two kids ______________ on the floor.

A. is sitting

B. was sitting

C. were sitting

D. are sitting

What is Mom doing now?

Mom __________ now.

A. is cooking

B. are cooking

C. cook

D. cooking

Look! I ____________ an awesome game now!

A. play

B. are playing

C. am playing

D. playing

I am ___ in class right now.

A. sit

B. sat

C. sit down

D. sitting

He _______________ at the moment. 

A. sleeping

B. am sleeping

C. is sleeping 

D. sleeps

What are the kids doing right now?

The kids __________ right now.

A. is playing

B. are playing

C. playing

D. plays


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