Grammar Quiz

Present Progressive Tense Quiz


____ we ____ (make) a mistake with that decision?

A. Are + making

B. Are + make

C. Are + makeing

D. Is + making

Julia ____ (not, sleep) right now.

A. sleeps

B. is not sleeping

C. are not sleeping

D. is sleeping

We should focus now. What ___ you ___ (think)?

A. are + thinking

B. are + thinkking

C. are + thinkiing

D. am + thinkking

I _______ a sandwich now.

A. am eating

B. is eating

C. are eating

D. eats

___ I being silly?

A. Are

B. Am

C. Do

D. Does

Lucy, John, and Sarah ____ (play) music now.

A. playing

B. are playing

C. play

D. are not playing

You said that you ____ (bring) a cake for Yotam’s birthday!

A. is bringing

B. are bringing

C. are bringging

D. will to be bringing

I will tell him when I meet him. We _____ (meet) at four o’clock.

A. are meeting

B. are not meeting

C. going are meet

D. meeting

Look! I ____________ an awesome game now!

A. play

B. are playing

C. am playing

D. playing

Shlomi ____ (feel) sick right now. He ____ (stay) at home today.

A. is feeling + am staying

B. is feeling + is studying

C. are feeling + is staying

D. is feeling + is staying

Sandy __________ the car at the moment. 

A. drive

B. is driving 

C. are driving 

D. is driveing 

Lisa___________ . She is daydreaming.

A. aren’t listen

B. isn’t listening

C. weren’t listened

D. doesn’t listen

This is not French. We ____ (speak) Hebrew right now.

A. spoken

B. am speaking

C. speak

D. are speaking

Anna ____ (not, lie) to you!

A. is not

B. is not lying

C. not lying

D. is not lieing

_____ you waiting for a bus?

A. Do

B. Are

C. Does

D. Is

____ you ____ (dance) now?

A. Are + is dancing

B. Are + dancing

C. Am + dancing

D. Are + dance

What are the kids doing right now?

The kids __________ right now.

A. is playing

B. are playing

C. playing

D. plays

He _______________ at the moment. 

A. sleeping

B. am sleeping

C. is sleeping 

D. sleeps

We ____ (eat) at the moment. I will speak with you later.

A. eat

B. is eating

C. eating

D. are eating

I _____ (not, talk) to you!

A. am talking

B. am not speaking

C. talking

D. am not speaking

I ____ (cry) right now because of the nice things you said about me.

A. to cry

B. cry

C. am crying

D. am cryying

Look at the window! It ____ (snow).

A. is snowing

B. snowing

C. snow

D. snows

What _____________? It looks awful.

A. do you drinking

B. are you drink

C. are you drinking

D. does you drink

My mom ____ (pay) for the new clothes now.

A. are paying

B. is paing

C. is paying

D. is payying

I am busy right now. I _______ breakfast.

A. am have

B. have

C. having

D. am having


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