Present Simple Quiz


We _____________ ( not have ) breakfast at six o´clock.

A. don´t have

B. doesn´t have

C. aren´t have

Carlos and Charles ______________ ( not travel) every year.

A. doesn´t travel

B. don´t travel

C. travels

Claudia _______ (not read) everyday

A. don´t read

B. isn´t read

C. doesn´t read

_________ he like going to the cinema?

A. Does

B. Do

C. Doing

What time ________ they have dinner?

A. are

B. does

C. do

They ___________ ( not speak) French very well.

A. doesn´t speak

B. don´t speak

C. aren´t speak

What time ________ she wake up?

A. Does

B. Do

C. Is

My cousin_____________ ( go) to the cinema every month

A. go

B. goes

C. going

She ___________ ( study ) English everyday

A. Study

B. Studies

C. Studying.

________ Bryan go to school at nine o´clock?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Do


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