Grammar Quiz

Present Simple Quiz


Complete the sentence.
My brother …. live in Brazil.

A. don’t

B. isn’t

C. aren’t

D. doesn’t

Jack never _________ to school

A. cycle

B. cycles

I______(study) English every day

A. study

B. studies

C. studying

D. studys

I ……… doing the dishes.

A. hate

B. hates

Which sentence describes about things that are always true?

A. Ms. Nga likes reading Conan every day.

B. The sun rises in the east.

C. I usually get up at 7 a.m.

My uncles _______ to work every day

A. drive

B. drives

Does ______________ to listen to music?

A. Jonh loves

B. John love

C. loves John

D. John loving

The bank _________ at 5 o’clock

A. close

B. closes

C. closies

Fill suitable word in the blank.
“_____ Anh Quoc and Bach play video game every day?”

A. Do

B. Don

C. Does

D. Doesn’t

John ______ very hard in class.

A. try

B. tries

C. trys

Alice …….. her homework after school.

A. does

B. do

C. doesn’t

D. don’t

” I see my best friend ________day.”

A. every

B. in

C. at

D. on

What time ________ they have dinner?

A. are

B. does

C. do

Present simple describes about:

A. past events, former habits

B. general facts, repeated actions and habits, things that are always true.

Complete the sentence.
I play with my dogs ….

A. every day

B. on days

C. this morning

D. tomorrow

Complete the question.
…. Mary like ice cream?

A. Do

B. Are

C. Does

D. Is

” My sister always__________ up the toys after playing.”

A. tidis

B. tidy

C. tidys

D. tidies

Ariana and I ______________ my grandparents every two weeks

A. visites

B. visits

C. visit

D. visiting

“I stay at home ________ weekends”

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. every

“Ms. Nga doesn’t ________ her teeth every morning.”

A. brushs

B. brushes

C. brush

_______ I sick?

A. Are

B. Am

C. Is

You ______ hello to the teacher

A. say

B. says

He ____________ to the cinema on the weekends

A. goes

B. go

C. does go

D. going

” She goes to the concert ________ Mondays.”

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. every

Brad Pitt _________ American.

A. is

B. he

C. am


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