Grammar Quiz

Present Simple and Continuous Tense Quiz


Both Opal ____ Alice will join the party at my house.

A. nor

B. and

C. or

Neither Lyn nor Mark _______ vegetables.

A. like

B. doesn’t like

C. liked

D. likes

He ______ like eating vegetables.

A. don’t

B. aren’t

C. isn’t

D. doesn’t

A: What does your _____do?

B: He is a bank teller.

A. brother

B. parents

C. sisters

D. students

Dave ______ drives to work in the morning.

A. at the moment

B. these days

C. usually

D. now

Can I have ____ cream in my coffee?

A. a

B. some

C. an

D. any

How often _____ you____ (shop) online?

A. is/shopping

B. are/shopping

C. do/shop

D. does/ shop

I wanted to buy ____ chocolate, but the shop didn’t have _____.

A. some/any

B. some/some

C. any/some

D. any/any

We always have dinner at 6. But today we ______ at 8.

A. is having

B. have

C. are having

D. has

Look! someone ______ to open the door of your house.

A. are trying

B. try

C. tries

D. is trying

He _____ right now, don’t make a noise.

A. sleeps

B. is sleeping

C. sleep

Jim and Mark _____ ____ Korean these days.

A. are learning

B. learn

C. learns

D. is learning

We____traveling to BKK.

A. am

B. is

C. are

These trousers ____fit me, I want to change the size.

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

I ______ he is Chinese, he is Japanese.

A. don’t think

B. doesn’t think

C. ‘m not thinking

D. isn’t thinking

They _____ like coffee, they prefer milk tea.

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

C. isn’t

D. aren’t

I’m so hungry, I can eat _____thing.

A. an

B. some

C. a

D. any

I must go now, it ______late. See you, bye.

A. gets

B. is getting

C. get

D. got

The river _____ much faster than usual.

A. is flowing

B. flow

C. flows

D. flowed

I’m hungry, I _____ something to eat now.

A. wanted

B. am wanting

C. wants

D. want


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