Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense Quiz


We sometimes (watch) …. movies at the cinema.

A. watches

B. watch

C. is watching

D. are watching

Ali speaks Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) ……….English.

a. is speaking

b. speaking

c. speaks

d. speak

“David, what …….. you …….?” “I am reading a book.

A. do/do

B. are/doing

C. are /do

D. does/doing

My grandpa …… the morning newspaper now.

A. am reading

B. is readding

C. is raeding

D. is reading

Suzie and Jim …… in the park now.

A. are wakling

B. walking

C. are walkking

D. are walking

It’s a break time. Jack and I …… football at the moment.

A. am playing

B. are plaiing

C. are playing

D. are palying

Sorry, Lisa _____ not here at the moment.

a. are

b. am

c. is

d. be

Mary _______________ to John on the phone every day. 

A. talked 

B. is talking 

C. talks 

The baby (sleep) ……. for ten hours every night.

A. is sleeping

B. Sleeping

C. Sleeps

It’s 6:00 P.M. Marry is at home. She (eat)………..dinner

a. eats

b. is eating

c. is eat

d. eat


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