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Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense Quiz


I get to work by bus every morning. How____ get to work?

A. are you

B. you

C. do you

Sorry, Lisa _____ not here at the moment.

a. are

b. am

c. is

d. be

He usually goes for a walk at this time, but he ____ for a walk now.

A. doesn’t go

B. not go

C. is not going

My grandpa …… the morning newspaper now.

A. am reading

B. is readding

C. is raeding

D. is reading

Jaka: ___are you doing?

Jane: I am taking an English Test.

A. What

B. Where

C. When

We sometimes (watch) …. movies at the cinema.

A. watches

B. watch

C. is watching

D. are watching

Udin needs money for the bus but I___ any change to give him.

A. am not have

B. not have

C. don’t have

Ali speaks Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) ……….English.

a. is speaking

b. speaking

c. speaks

d. speak

Our teacher ____________________ in the middle of the room right now. 

A. stands 

B. is standing 

C. stood

“Listen! Remy (sing) …. in his room.”

A. is singing

B. are singing

C. sings

D. sing

Molly and Sue …… the car at the moment.

A. are wash

B. are washing

C. aren’t washing

D. are washhing

My sister’s name ___ Santi. She is a entrepreneur.

A. am

B. is

C. has

It …… a lot these days.

A. is snow

B. is snowwing

C. is snowing

D. is snoowing

The baby (sleep) ……. for ten hours every night.

A. is sleeping

B. Sleeping

C. Sleeps

Syamsul_____ his car every Saturday morning.

A. washing

B. wash

C. washes

He ________________ now.

a. plays tennis

b. went back home

c. wants to have breakfast

d. drank a lot of milk

Mery ………………to the music now.

a. are listening

b. listens

c. is listening

d. are listen

On Sundays he usually …….. at about 11 o’clock.

A. get up

B. is getting up

C. is get uo

D. gets

He _______ not want to go to the movie?

a. do

b. does

c. done

d. to do

It’s very noisy upstair! What……..?

A. are they doing

B. they doing

C. do they doing

Shhh! Be quiet. Tom …….

A. sleeps

B. are sleeping

C. is sleeping

D. sleep

Ucup likes math but he doesn’t____history.

A. like

B. likes

C. not like

Why are we waiting? who____for?

A. we are waiting

B. are we waiting

C. we wait

I am watching TV and My brother ____ a book

A. reading

B. is reading

C. reads

My dog, Rocky, …… in his box now.

A. is sleep

B. is sleepping

C. am sleeping

D. is sleeping


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