Grammar Quiz

Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense Quiz


What time____you usually go to work?

A. are

B. is

C. do

Suzie and Jim …… in the park now.

A. are wakling

B. walking

C. are walkking

D. are walking

Jakarta is located in Indonesia. It ___ a small city.

A. Do not

B. is not

C. not

Tom …… a barbecue for us at the moment.

A. is prapering

B. is preparing

C. is prepareing

D. is prepaering

He _______ not want to go to the movie?

a. do

b. does

c. done

d. to do

I work twelve hours a day, but I ___ my job.

A. love

B. loves

C. loving

It’s very noisy upstair! What……..?

A. are they doing

B. they doing

C. do they doing

Molly and Sue …… the car at the moment.

A. are wash

B. are washing

C. aren’t washing

D. are washhing

Do you _______ chocolate milk?

a. like

b. likes

c. be like

d. are liking

Do you _______ chocolate milk?

a. like

b. likes

c. be like

d. are liking

Ali speaks Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) ……….English.

a. is speaking

b. speaking

c. speaks

d. speak

I am watching TV and My brother ____ a book

A. reading

B. is reading

C. reads

“David, what …….. you …….?” “I am reading a book.

A. do/do

B. are/doing

C. are /do

D. does/doing

My mum and I …… a goodnight kiss to each other.

A. am giving

B. are giveing

C. are giving

D. giving

Shhh! Be quiet. Tom …….

A. sleeps

B. are sleeping

C. is sleeping

D. sleep

…. she often …. juice for breakfast?

A. Does/drink

B. Is/drinking

C. Do/drinks

D. Is/drinks

Why are we waiting? who____for?

A. we are waiting

B. are we waiting

C. we wait

Jane studies very hard because he become_____become a programmer

A. want

B. wants to

C. want to

He ________________ now.

a. plays tennis

b. went back home

c. wants to have breakfast

d. drank a lot of milk

It _______ a beautiful day today.

a. am

b. are

c. be

d. is

Udin needs money for the bus but I___ any change to give him.

A. am not have

B. not have

C. don’t have

We sometimes (watch) …. movies at the cinema.

A. watches

B. watch

C. is watching

D. are watching

Shh The baby (sleep) …….

A. is sleeping

B. Sleeps

C. Sleeping

Syamsul_____ his car every Saturday morning.

A. washing

B. wash

C. washes

I___ in Sukabumi.

A. lives

B. live

C. am living


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