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Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses Quiz


I … (not feel) well at the moment. I need to take a rest.

A. do not feel

B. am not feeling

C. is not feeling

D. does not feel

Where … you usually … (play) with your siblings and cousins?

A. are, playing

B. do, play

C. is, playing

D. does, play

… you … (need) my help to carry those bags?

A. Do, need

B. Does, need

C. Are, needing

D. Is, needing

Why … you … (not follow) them? Look! They are waiting for you.

A. are, not following

B. are, following

C. is, not following

D. do, not follow

One of the students … currently … (talk) to the principal.

A. is, talking

B. are, talking

C. do not talk

D. talk

Listen! Our mom … (call) us! I think it’s already time for dinner.

A. is calling

B. calls

C. are calling

D. call

He … to work every day.

A. is driving

B. are driving

C. drives

D. drive

… you … (want) some juice?

A. Are, wanting

B. Do, want

C. Does, want

D. Is, wanting

Water … if you heat it.

A. is boiling

B. is not boiling

C. doesn’t boil

D. boils

Don’t worry. We … care of our pet.

A. are taking

B. take

C. don’t take

D. aren’t taking

What … you … (do) right now?

A. is, doing

B. are, doing

C. do, do

D. does, do

Ken: What … you … (make)?

Steph: Oh, I’m making some decorations for our class party.

A. does, make

B. do, make

C. is, making

D. are, making

She always … (prepare) her own lunch before leaving for school.

A. prepares

B. prepare

C. is preparing

D. are preparing

The baby … (cry) almost every night.

A. cry

B. is crying

C. cries

D. are crying

The earth … around the sun.

A. revolves

B. is revolving

C. revolve

D. are revolving


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