Present Simple & Continues Quiz


She ___________ with her grandma on Sundays

A. eaties

B. eates

C. eats

Mary ______________________ to John on the phone right now. 
A. is talking 
B. talked 
C. talks 

Complete the sentence

They _____________ to the supermarket every Saturdays
A. goes

B. go

C. going

Choose the correct option

What ___________ she play?
A. do

B. does

Is this sentence correct or incorrect?

They walks to school every day
A. Correct

B. Incorrect

My new washing machine ………….. really well.
A. working
B. work
C. works

Add -s, -es or -íes to the following verb

A. watchs

B. watches

C. watchies

Choose the correct option

__________ she buy in the supermarket?

Yes, she ___________

a. do /does

b. does / does

c. does / do

What’s she doing?
A.     She is running in a garden.
B.     She was going to school.
C.     She is driving a car
D.     She was helping her mother

What’s she doing?
A.     She is helping the chicken.
B.     She was managing her business.
C.     She was packing foods for chicken.
D.     She is feeding her chicken.


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