Grammar Quiz

Present Simple or Present Continuous Quiz


My friends and I ____________ to a party on Saturday.

A. go

B. are going

How often ______________ your relatives abroad?

A. do you see

B. are you seeing

“Fred, I ________________ to you! ______________ to me?”

A. Talk / Do you listen

B. Am talking / Are you listening

Maddie _____________ her homework right now.

A. does

B. is doing

We ___________ to work now. See you later!

A. go

B. are going

My brother _____________ any posters on the walls of his bedroom.

A. doesn’t have

B. isn’t having

I _____________ an article about Astrophysics.

A. read

B. am reading

Her name is Prisha and she ___________ from India.

A. comes

B. is coming

Luckily, I _________________ at the weekends! I’m free!

A. don’t work

B. am not working

My new girlfriend ____________ for dinner tonight.

A. comes

B. is coming

“I can’t believe you ___________ 7 languages”

A. speak

B. are speaking

I usually ____________ about 10 books every year.

A. read

B. am reading

________________ to go out for dinner tonight?

A. Do you want

B. Are you wanting

Doctors and nurses ________ after people in hospital.

A. look

B. are looking


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