Grammar Quiz

Present Simple Passive Quiz


My students _________________ English very well.
A. speak
B. are spoken
C. speaks
D. is spoken

The most expensive smartphones ….. by Apple

A. Sell

B. Sold

C. Are sold

D. Is sold

When I’m away on holiday, my neighbour _______ my dog.
A. is fed
B. feed
C. feeds
D. is feed

A report _______________ every Friday by Tom.
A. written
B. are written
C. writes
D. is written

My siblings clean the house once a week.

A. The house is clean by them once a week.

B. The house is cleans by them once a week.

C. The house is cleaned by them once a week.

D. The house was cleaned by them.

English _____________________ in Australia.
A. are spoken
B. spoke
C. is spoken
D. speak

The butcher sells meat everyday.

A. The meat is selled by the butcher.

B. The meat is sold by the butcher.

C. The meat was sell by the butcher.

D. The meat is sold by the butcher everyday.

The money ________________________.
A.     is steal by the crook
B.     is steals by the crook
C.     is stolen by the crook
D.     is stolen by the policeman

Carlos and Juan play the piano.

A. The piano was play by them.

B. The piano is played by them.

C. The piano is play by them.

D. The piano played by them.

Arthur ________________the laundry every week.
A. is done
B. does
C. is doing
D. did

The policeman catches the crook.

A. The crook is caught by the policeman.

B. The policeman is caught by the crook.

C. The crook is catched by the policeman.

D. The crook are caughted by the policeman.

Lots of files are destroyed by that virus

A. Active

B. Passive

My dad _____________ his car every week. 
A. washes
B. is washed
C. washed
D. are washed

Nothing…… Helen in parties

A. doesn’t drink

B. is drinking

C. is drunk

D. is drank

This scarf … by my granny.

A. Made

B. Is made

C. To be made

D. Makes

He buys clothes three times a year.

A. Clothes are buyed by him.

B. Clothes are bought by him.

C. Clothes is bought by him.

D. Clothes are bought by him three times a year.

Football and futsal ……. in many places in Indonesia

A. Is played

B. are played

C. play

D. played

Grammar rules … by heart.

A. Are learnt

B. Learn

C. Learns

D. Is learnt

English ______ in every school in Hungary.
A. is teach
B. teach
C. are taught
D. is taught

The internet …. for social networking mostly by young people

A. Is used

B. Used

C. Use

D. Are used

Leo likes to play football

A. Active

B. Passive

Milk ________________ in the mornings.
A. is delivered
B. delivered
C. are delivered
D. deliver

She organizes the books everyday.

A. The books is organized by her everyday.

B. The books organized by her everyday.

C. The books are organized by her everyday.

D. The books are organized by him everyday.

This city … by many people.

A. visited

B. Is visited

C. To be visited

D. Visits

My granny ____________ dinner every day.
A. is cooking
B. cooks
C. cooked
D. is cooked


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