Present Simple Passive Quiz


The most expensive smartphones ….. by Apple

A. Sell

B. Sold

C. Are sold

D. Is sold

This city … by many people.

A. visited

B. Is visited

C. To be visited

D. Visits

Nothing…… Helen in parties

A. doesn’t drink

B. is drinking

C. is drunk

D. is drank

My dad _____________ his car every week. 
A. washes
B. is washed
C. washed
D. are washed

Football and futsal ……. in many places in Indonesia

A. Is played

B. are played

C. play

D. played

A report _______________ every Friday by Tom.
A. written
B. are written
C. writes
D. is written

Vegetables ____________ in the market.
A. is sold
B. are sold
C. sell
D. are selling

English _____________________ in Australia.
A. are spoken
B. spoke
C. is spoken
D. speak

Our house … of wood.

A. Made

B. Are made

C. Is made

D. Makes

The policeman catches the crook.

A. The crook is caught by the policeman.

B. The policeman is caught by the crook.

C. The crook is catched by the policeman.

D. The crook are caughted by the policeman.


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