Grammar Quiz

Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect Quiz


He never ______ (finish) his work at school.

A. is finishing

B. hasn’t finish

C. finishes

How long _____ you _____ (know) John? 3 years

A. Have you known

B. Are you knowing

C. do know

They ______ (not / believe) you.

A. aren’t believing

B. don’t believe

C. hasn’t believe

Would you like a cup of coffee? Yes, please. I ______ (not have) one yet this morning.

A. do not have

B. haven’t had

C. am not having

The train usually ______ (arrive) at 5p.m.

A. is arriving

B. arrives

They ______ (go) on holiday very often. It’s too expensive.

A. don’t go

B. aren’t going

He always ______ (cook) dinner at the weekend.

A. has cook

B. is cooking

C. cooks

I ______ (make) pizza for dinner tonight! Great! I _____ (love) pizza. It’s my favourite.

A. have made / I has loved

B. am making / am loving

C. am making / love

She _____ (study) for her English grammar test yet.

A. hasn’t studied

B. does study

C. don’t study

She _____ (walk) to school today because it ______ (rain).

A. is walking / is raining

B. hasn’t walk / has rain

C. walks / has rained

Careful! I _____ just (break) a glass! Put on some shoes!

A. have just broken

B. am just breaking

C. breaks

He______ (do) his homework at the moment.

A. is doing

B. does

C. has done


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