Grammar Quiz

Present simple, Present continuous, Singular, Plural Quiz


They have a lot of …

A. story

B. stories

C. storys

We … English every Monday (learn)

A. learn

B. learning

C. are learn

D. are learning

We … English (be, not, study)

A. are not studying

B. are studying

C. are not study

D. are study

He … cartoons every day (watch)

A. watch

B. watches

C. is watch

D. is watching

She … dinner (aux, not, make)

A. do not make

B. does not make

C. do make

D. does make

They … some noodles now (be, cooking)

A. are cooking

B. are cook

C. are cooks

D. cooking

We … bread. (be, not eat)

A. not eat

B. not eating

C. are not eat

D. are not eating

… have a lot of carrots

A. She

B. He

C. We

… have a chili

A. I

B. You

C. We

I … football every Sunday (play)

A. am play

B. am playing

C. play

D. playing

… has three mangoes

A. We

B. I

C. She

I … kite now (be, play)

A. play

B. playing

C. am play

D. am playing

My mom … breakfast every morning (make)

A. make

B. making

C. is make

D. makes

… have four apples

A. I

B. She

C. He

My sister … a National Geographic channel now (be, watch)

A. watch

B. watching

C. is watching

D. is watch


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