Grammar Quiz

Present Simple Tense Quiz


Jack and Tom ______ (swim) twice a week.

A. are swimming

B. swims

C. swim

D. is swimming

I ………in a small flat near my school.

A. live

B. lives

C. am live

D. living

We _______ (live) in the countryside most of the year.

A. are living

B. live

C. lives

D. lived

I ____ always ____ to the dentist

A. do not, go

B. does not, go

C. do not, went

D. does not, went

My mom always (make)__________________ delicious meal.

A. make

B. makes

C. don’t make

D. doesn’t make

He plays badminton in the morning. (usually)

A. He plays usually badminton in the morning.

B. He usually plays badminton in the morning.

We_________(not read) newspapers every day.

A. doesn’t read

B. doesn’t reads

C. don’t read

D. not read

They (eat)____________ out once a month.

A. don’t eat

B. eats

C. are eat

D. eat

She always……………..English in the morning.

A. studies

B. studys

C. study

D. studied

Do people there ________ in a very friendly manner towards you?

A. behave

B. behaves

C. don’t behave

________ always washes the dishes after having dinner.

A. His father

B. His parents

C. Both A & B are correct.

When my mom ________ the housework, I often help her ________ the flowers.

A. does – waters

B. does – water

C. don’t – water

My family likes _____________(spend) our summer holidays at the seaside.

A. spends

B. spendes

C. spent

D. spending

Find the different word?

A. A.notebook

B. B.compass

C. C.schoolbag


Daniel ……………. (brush) his teeth every morning.

A. brushs

B. brushes

C. brushed

D. brush

They _________ at 6:30 a.m.

A. brush their teeth

B. eat dinner

C. go to school

D. go to bed

I_________(not like) ice cream.

A. don’t like

B. doesn’t like

C. doesn’t likes

D. doesn’t like

you often (eat)  lunch in the school canteen?

A. Do you often eat lunch in the school canteen?

B. Did you often eat lunch in the school canteen?

C. Does you often eat lunch in the school canteen?

D. Do you often eats lunch in the school canteen?

It often C on Sundays.

A. rains

B. rain

C. raining

My sister’s name ……… Anna. She is a doctor.

A. are

B. is

C. do

D. does

……… your father a teacher or a policeman?

A. Does

B. Do

C. Is

D. Are

He………….his car every week.

A. washes

B. wash

C. washs

D. washed

Carla/ cook/ dinner/ on Sundays. (rarely)

A. Carlar rarely cooks dinner on Sundays.

B. Carlar rarely cook dinner on Sundays.

C. Carlar cooks dinner on Sundays.

D. Carlar rarely cooks dinner on Sundays.

The museum …………….. (close) at seven in the evening.

A. close

B. closes

C. closed

D. closing

In Beer club people usually _______ (dance) a lot.

A. are dancing

B. dances

C. dancing

D. dance


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