Grammar Quiz

Present Simple Tense Quiz


I ______ a student

A. were

B. is

C. are

D. am

Bopha and Mesa _____(have) a cold.

A. has

B. haves

C. havs

D. have

In Beer club people usually _______ (dance) a lot.

A. are dancing

B. dances

C. dancing

D. dance

My mum_____read comic books

A. don’t

B. isn’t

C. aren’t

D. doesn’t

Susan always …………. early at the weekends.

A. get

B. gets

C. getts

____ you mexican?

A. Is

B. Am

C. Are

D. Was

(we/make) too much noise at night?

A. Do we make

B. are we make

C. does we makes

D. doesn’t we make

He ________ have enough money for a long vacation this year.

A. Ø

B. don’t

C. doesn’t

What your mother’s job (be)?

A. What your mother’s job is?

B. What is your mother’s job?

C. What are your mother’s job?

D. What does your mother’s job?

An exchange student at your school______to eat sticky rice and mango.

A. don’t love

B. don’t loves

C. doesn’t love

D. doesn’t loves

Find the different word?

A. A.studying

B. B.singing

C. C.morning

D. D.listening

Peter_______ to the music every day.

A. listen

B. listens

C. is listening

D. does listen

___ books? expensive in your country?

A. is there

B. Is there

C. Are there

D. Are


A. plays

B. playing

C. play

D. are played

The museum …………….. (close) at seven in the evening.

A. close

B. closes

C. closed

D. closing

Maggie likes math but she______history.

A. like

B. doesn’t like

C. don’t like

D. not like

Where (Harry/study)?

A. does he study

B. doe he study

C. does he studies

D. is does he study

Who ___ your favorite actor?

A. are

B. be

C. is not

D. be not

________ your parents travel to Italy?

A. Are

B. Did

C. Do

D. Does

My best friends (write) ______________ to me every week.

A. doesn’t write

B. wrote

C. write

D. are write

Where you (live)?

A. Where are you live?

B. Where do you live?

C. Where you live?

D. Where does you live?

I ___ breakfast every day at 7 AM

A. have

B. to have

C. had

D. having

_________she_______(have) many friends?

A. Does/has

B. Does/have

C. Do/have

D. Do/has

Does your dad use a mobile phone?

A. No, I don’t.

B. Twice a week.

C. Yes, he does.

D. No, they don’t.

E. Once a week.

_____they always______tennis on Sunday?

A. Does/plays

B. Do/play

C. Is/plays

D. Am/play


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