Grammar Quiz



She _______the newspaper every day.

A. read

B. reads

C. drink

Complete the question.
Does Sally …. soap operas?

A. watch

B. watches

C. watchies

D. watched

Sarah ________the movies twice a week

A. go

B. goes

C. gos


A. Drinks coffee usually in the morning she

B. Usually she drinks coffee in the morning

C. She drinks usually in morning the coffee

D. She usually drinks coffee in the morning

My sister …………………. (watch) TV right now.

A. is watching

B. are watching

C. am watching

D. is watched

I______(study) English every day

A. study

B. studies

C. studying

D. studys

_______ people visited Tioman Island last year.

A. A. Several

B. B. A few

C. C. Any

D. D. A lot of

have / you / a dog / ?

A. Do you have a dog?

B. Does you have a dog?

C. Do not you have a dog?

D. Does not you have a dog?

_____ teenagers like to read entertainment magazines.

A. A. Plenty of

B. B. Any

C. C. Much

D. D. Many

On her way home, Diana bought ______ oranges.

A. A. some

B. B. much

C. C. a little

D. D. plenty

They _____ in a restaurant once a month.

A. eat

B. eats

He __________in the park every afternoon.

A. plays

B. play

C. playes

Doctors advise us not to take too _____ sugar as it is bad for our health.

A. A. many

B. B. much

C. C. few

D. D. little

Complete the question.

…. Mary like ice cream?

A. Do

B. Are

C. Does

D. Is

She (be) __________ a teacher.

A. does be

B. been

C. is

D. do is

Please add _______ more milk in his tea.

A. A. a few

B. B. a little

C. C. many

D. D. a lot

Daniel _________ mathematics.

A. teaches

B. teach

C. teachs

We _________to school by bus.

A. come

B. eat

C. comes

She (teach) ___________ English.

A. teachs

B. does teaches

C. teaches

D. do teachs

I have to rush as I don’t have ______ time left.

A. A. a little

B. B. some

C. C. much

D. D. many

_______ she ______ (play) football?

A. Do – plays

B. Does – play

C. Do – played

D. Does – plays

_______ you ________ (like) fish?

A. Does – he

B. will like a fish

C. Do – like

D. Do- likes

Is there _______ syrup left in the jug?

A. A. some

B. B. any

C. C. a little

D. D. much

What’s she doing?

A. She swims

B. She swimming

C. She swim

D. She’s swimming

…………………… a shower

A. He having

B. He has

C. He’s having

D. Is having


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