Grammar Quiz

Present Tense (Negatives and Questions) Quiz


She ______ (not eat) seafood twice a month.

A. eats

B. eat

C. do not eat

D. does not eat

______ Sam ______ (visit) his grandparents weekly?

A. Does, visits

B. Do, visit

C. Does, visit

D. Do, visits

A nurse ______ (work) in a hospital.

A. work

B. working

C. worked

D. works

Sally ______ (not go) to the shopping mall every week.

A. goes

B. go

C. does not go

D. do not go

Lily ______ (not have) any books.

A. not has

B. not have

C. does not have

D. do not have

______ you ______ (send) a letter once a month?

A. Does, send

B. Send, do

C. Does, sends

D. Do, send

Anna ______ (not wash) clothes by herself.

A. washes

B. wash

C. do not wash

D. does not wash

______ Tony and his brother ______ (walk) to school?

A. Do, walk

B. Does, walk

C. Do, walking

D. Does, walking

______ Peter and Tony ______ (have) enough electronic devices?

A. Do, have

B. Does, have

C. Do, has

D. Does, has

Peter and Tony ______ (not play) computer games every night.

A. does not play

B. do not play

C. plays

D. play

______ your sister ______ (have) a purple dress?

A. Does, has

B. Does, have

C. Do, have

D. Do, has

The children always ______ (go) swimming.

A. do not go

B. go

C. does not go

D. goes


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