Grammar Quiz

Present Tenses Quiz


She ____________photos for her project today.

A. takes

B. ‘s taking

Pholly……………..(just/paint) the walls

A. has just painted

B. just paints

C. just paint

D. have just painted

Fill in the blanks with present perfect/past simple __________ (you, see) last week’s magazine? – It must be here because I __________ (buy) it on Monday.

A. Did you see, bought

B. Have you seen, bought

C. Did you see, have bought

D. Have you seen, have bought


A. made my bed.

B. has made my bed.

C. haven’t made my bed.

D. hasn’t made my bed.

I got her email this morning and I ____.

A. have already replied

B. always replay

C. have replied yet

D. don’t usually replay

The new building _______ 100 floors and more than 500 units.

A. has

B. have

C. is having

D. has had

We have to rest. We ………………………………… (walk) for over four hours.

A. have walked

B. are walking

C. have been walking

D. walk

It always _______ (rain) a lot in Scotland.

A. rains

B. rain

C. rained

D. is raining

Dear John, First of all, sorry I _____________ (not write) for so long, but I was on holiday.

A. am not writing

B. have not been written

C. have not written

D. don’t write

How long ___________ you _____________ my sister?

A. have / known

B. have / know

C. have / been knowing

D. have / been known

Mr Vooren always ________ (watch) a lot of English movies in his free time.

A. watch

B. watches

C. is watching

D. watched

HR Coordinator ……… staff salaries.

A. calculate

B. calculates

C. is calculating

D. are calculating

David (eat) ______ 3 eggs and is eating another one.

A. has eaten

B. ate

C. has been eaten

D. eats

Don’t take my plate away! _______ my lunch!

A. I haven’t finished

B. I haven’t been finishing

C. I didn’t finish

….any other languages apart from English?

A. do you speak

B. are you speaking

C. have you spoken

D. have you been speaking

The postman usually __________ at 9 in the morning. It is half past 9 now but he ___________

A. comes, has not come yet

B. comes, has not been coming

C. is coming, has not come yet

Something terrible__________ (happen).

A. happened

B. has happened

C. have happened

D. has happen

Oliver and Lucas ______ (not buy) new bikes yet.

A. haven’t been buying

B. hasn’t bought

C. didn’t buy

D. haven’t bought

He leaves at 8:00 tonight.

A. Present Simple

B. Present Perfect

C. Present Continuous

D. Present Perfect Continuous

Choose the correct.

A. He have playing in the garden.

B. He are is playing in the garden.

C. He is playing in the garden.

He is combing his hair.

A. Present Perfect

B. Present Perfect Continuous

C. Present Continuous

D. Present Simple

Eat your breakfast before you _____ out.

A. go

B. will go

C. to go

D. are going

____________ you ____________ this sound?

A. has / heard

B. have / heard

C. has / been hearing

D. have / you been hearing

Say true or false:

They aren’t sleeping



You will feel better after you _____ the medicine.

A. will take

B. had taken

C. have taken

D. will have taken


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