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Present Tenses Quiz


This soup _________ delicious.

A. is tasting

B. tastes

C. has tasted

D. has been tasting

Where / you / usually / meet your friends?

A. Where do you meet usually your friends?

B. Where usually do you meet your friends?

C. Where do you usually meet your friends?

D. Where do you meet your friends usually?

Mario ___ the ball to John and John ___ It’s a goal!

A. is passing/ is kicking

B. has passed/ kicked

C. passes/ kicks

D. has been passing/ has been kicking

My dog _____ our neighbour’s cat and the neighbours complain.

A. has always chased

B. chases

C. is always chasing

D. has been chasing

Look at all these shopping bags. Mom _____ to the supermarket.

A. was

B. has been

C. is

D. is being

This is the best piece of advice I ______ on the matter.

A. am receiving

B. receive

C. am being received

D. have received

you / listen to music / now?

A. You are listening to music now?

B. Are you listening to music now?

C. Do you listen to music now?

D. You listen to music now?

Millions of people ____ social media today and I am one of them.

A. use

B. are using

C. will use

D. have been using

I ____ the weather here is awful at this time of the year.

A. am thinking

B. think

C. have thought

D. have been thinking

I am thinking of buying a new laptop; what ______? Is it a good idea?

A. are you thinking

B. do you think

C. have you thought

D. have you been thinking

What / you / wear / at the moment?

A. What you are wearing at the moment?

B. What do you wearing at the moment?

C. What do you wear at the moment?

D. What are you wearing at the moment?

Tom _____________ at my sofa until he finds a place of his own.

A. sleeps

B. has slept

C. is sleeping

D. has been sleeping

They ______ outside the cinema at 8 tomorrow.

A. will meet

B. meet

C. have met

D. are meeting

It’s the first time Anna ____ to me since our argument.

A. speaks

B. is speaking

C. has spoken

D. has been speaking

Every weekend, we ____ our grandparents.

A. visit

B. are visiting

C. have visited

D. have been visiting


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