Grammar Quiz

Pronouns Quiz


American millionaire, John D. Rockefeller gave away millions to help people, _________ never liked to spend money on _______________.

A. he, himself

B. he, him

c. his , himself

Is this ice-cream for _______ or for you?

A. his

B. he

C. him

I saw _________ in the mirror.

A. myself

B. me

c. I

The ideas of the future plane are all__________.

A. ours

B. our

C. us

_________ bus is here, __________ will come in 5 minutes.

A. Mine / yours

B. Mine / your

C. My / yours

Ariana wants to know if you’ve seen a pair of gloves of _____________.

A. her

B. hers

c. she

The boys hurt _____________ getting over the wall.

A. them

B. themselves

C. they

Peter is a friend of ________.

A. my

B. mine

C. I

_________ are my sisters.

A. They

B. Them

c. Their

D. There

_______ works for a large company in Finland.

A. She

B. Her

C. Hers

My sister and ________ went to market.

A. I

B. me

C. mine

Please listen to ___________ carefully. I am talking about an important topic.

A. mine

B. me

C. I

I went there by ________.

A. myself.

B. me

c. mine

We gave them ________ telephone number, and they gave us ________

A. our, theirs

B. ours, theirs

C. ours, their

We own that cat. That cat is __________.

A. us

B. ours

c. we

Thomas, Betty, and I are friends. ______ never fight.

A. They

B. I

C. We

Dinner has been ready a long time. I have had ________ and Elda has had ________; come and have, __________ now.

A. them, her, mine

B. mine, hers, yours

c. yours, hers, he

Was ________ grammar book expensive?

A. you

B. your

C. yours

He did it ___________.

A. himself

B. herself

c. itself

_________ is described as a solar-powered car with 2 wings.

A. It

B. It’s

C. Its

That bag is ________.

A. my

B. mine

c. I

D. he

Mary dressed _______________ carefully.

A. she

B. himself

c. herself

They saw ___________ while he was washing his car.

A. him

B. he

C. his

Is this car __________?

A. her

B. hers

C. she

My telephone is out of order, but ________ is working.

A. her

B. she

C. hers


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