Grammar Quiz

Pronouns Quiz


_____________ dog is always so friendly.

A. There

B. They

C. Their

D. Us

______ daughter is a teacher.

A. Our

B. They

C. Us

D. We

_________ think that you are one of the brightest students in the class.

A. I

B. Us

C. Me

D. It

E. Him

One of …………….. has to take the responsibility for setting up the experiment.

A. their

B. him

C. us

D. your

E. me

My grandparents  miss _____________ nieces.

A. her

B. his

C. its

D. their

That bag is ________.

A. my

B. mine

c. I

D. he

He turned down the offer on grounds of health, but I think there were …… reasons behind his decision.

A. anyone

B. another

C. someone

D. some other

E. any other

Please don’t ask ____ that question. I don’t know the answer.

A. I

B. me

C. they

My friends and I went camping and ___ saw a bear!

A. you

B. me

C. we

D. them

I like ____ because they are always telling funny stories.

A. they

B. she

C. them

Send the letters to him. [Change the underlined noun into plural form]

A. his

B. them

C. himself

D. his’s

Most students in Ms. Smith’s class really enjoyed _____ lessons.

A. his or her

B. she

C. her

D. they

It’s my dog, and that bone is _____

A. It

B. Its

C. It’s

Your son is climbing the tree in the garden. Look at ________.

A. his

B. her

C. him

D. us

We bought that house last year. It is __________.

A. mine

B. theirs

C. ours

D. yours

_____________ rakes leaves.

A. He

B. His

C. Him

D. Me

Did you see Claire? _____ dress is purple with dots.

A. She

B. Her

C. Hers

Whose jacket is ____?

A. that

B. this

C. those

When …….. manager disagrees with ……… , our board meetings can go on for hours.

A. a/other

B. —/the others

C. the/each other

D. one/another

E. none/the other

_____________ cuts the grass.

A. Her

B. She

C. Him

D. Their

The students should have _____ books by Friday.

A. his or her

B. their

C. they

D. your

The ideas of the future plane are all__________.

A. ours

B. our

C. us

The people in the restaurant are ordering food. _____ look hungry.

A. They

B. It

C. She

Please listen to ___________ carefully. I am talking about an important topic.

A. mine

B. me

C. I

_____________  drink coffee.

A. We

B. Our

C. Their

D. Them


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