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Pronouns of Quantity Quiz


Due to the traffic jam, _________ towns are now banning cars from their shopping centres.

A. none of

B. no

C. quite a few

D. a lot

Oxford is not far from Stratford, so you can easily visit _____ in a day.

A. none

B. neither

C. either

D. both

“More dessert?” “No thanks, I’ve had _________.”

A. quite a few

B. a few

C. hardly any

D. plenty

Susan speaks _____ French because her first language is English.

A. a little

B. a few

C. a lot

D. a plenty

Pam called to say she’s going to be ________ minutes late. So don’t wait for her.

A. few

B. a few

C. a little

D. little

‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ ‘_______, thanks.’

A. Not much

B. A lot

C. Neither of

D. Neither

I’m new here, so I still have ________ to learn.

A. a little

B. a lot

C. a few

D. a bit

‘Was there any mail?’ ‘No, ________ at all.’

A. no

B. a few

C. none

D. a little

‘You went to the movies last night, right? Did you enjoy it?’ ‘No, ______.’

A. not many

B. not much

C. not a few

D. not a lot

We have three sons but __________ them lives nearby.

A. none of

B. no

C. none

D. no one


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