Grammar Quiz

Pronouns/ Present Tense Quiz


Lucas and Clara ……………….. (not eat) meat

A. don´t eat

B. doesn´t eat

The boys are talking to Margie. They are talking to ____

A. she

B. her

C. he

D. his

We have got a new techer._____ name is Peter

A. His

B. Our

C. He

D. She

John is washing ____ do. The dog is ____

A. his/his

B. his/it

C. ours/his

Raul ………….. bread and butter before going to school.

A. eat

B. eats

C. ate

Look how nervous that girl is. I think she ___ (wait) for somebody.

A. waits

B. wait

C. waiting

D. is waiting

Choose the fequently adverb

A. hardly ever

B. now

C. at this moment

D. today

Mike: Suddenly I’m ……. much better. I won’t see the doctor today. Good bye.

A. making

B. feeling

C. trying

D. going

It …………..(not cost) so much.

A. don´t cost

B. doesn´t cost

She is at her best when she _______ (not/make) big decisions.

A. don´t makes

B. doesn´t made

C. isn´t making

D. are not making

……… she drink coffee every morning?

A. Do

B. Does

Mary and Pam are my friends. ______ eyes are blue

A. they

B. their

C. theirs

The teacher isn´t speaking to _____ during the test

A. we

B. us

The baby´s name is paulo. ____ hair is red

A. her

B. it

C. his

D. us

This is a photo of __ friends

A. me

B. my


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