Grammar Quiz

Pronouns/ Present Tense Quiz


It …………..(not cost) so much.

A. don´t cost

B. doesn´t cost

Mary and Pam are my friends. ______ eyes are blue

A. they

B. their

C. theirs

……… she drink coffee every morning?

A. Do

B. Does

Look how nervous that girl is. I think she ___ (wait) for somebody.

A. waits

B. wait

C. waiting

D. is waiting

Raul ………….. bread and butter before going to school.

A. eat

B. eats

C. ate

We have got a new techer._____ name is Peter

A. His

B. Our

C. He

D. She

The boys are talking to Margie. They are talking to ____

A. she

B. her

C. he

D. his

John is washing ____ do. The dog is ____

A. his/his

B. his/it

C. ours/his

This is a photo of __ friends

A. me

B. my

Mike: Suddenly I’m ……. much better. I won’t see the doctor today. Good bye.

A. making

B. feeling

C. trying

D. going

Choose the fequently adverb

A. hardly ever

B. now

C. at this moment

D. today

Lucas and Clara ……………….. (not eat) meat

A. don´t eat

B. doesn´t eat

The teacher isn´t speaking to _____ during the test

A. we

B. us

The baby´s name is paulo. ____ hair is red

A. her

B. it

C. his

D. us

She is at her best when she _______ (not/make) big decisions.

A. don´t makes

B. doesn´t made

C. isn´t making

D. are not making


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