Grammar Quiz

Pronoun-Verb Agreement Quiz


My sister, Lou, ____ presents on her birthday.

A. open

B. opens

You _____ in your pool every day during the summer.

A. swim

B. swims

She _____ long walks on the beach every night.

A. take

B. takes

They _____ basketball after school.

A. play

B. plays

She _____ funny stories.

A. write

B. writes

We _____ in a cabin in the mountains.

A. stay

B. stays

Carrie and Linda _____ the park to play.

A. walk

B. walks

A red bird _____ on the fence.

A. rest

B. rests

My books ____ off the desk.

A. fall

B. falls

He _____ eating pizza for dinner.

A. enjoy

B. enjoys

Mr. & Mrs. Stevenson ____ for the Halloween party.

A. decorates

B. decorate

The dog and cat ____ outside.

A. play

B. plays

It _____ during the winter.

A. snow

B. snows

Bill or Sam _____ pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

A. cook

B. cooks

The class ____ the show on stage.

A. watch

B. watches

____ build a campfire after dark.

A. She

B. He

C. We

D. It

They _____ up early every morning for school.

A. wake

B. wakes

A car or a bus _____ people to the airport.

A. carry

B. carries


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