Punctuation Quiz


Which word in this sentence needs a capital letter?
Have you ever visited the Okefenokee swamp?
A. you
B. visited
C. swamp
D. ever

What punctuation mark belongs at the end of this sentence?
What time does the movie start
A. .
B. !
C. ?
D. ,

My little sister was born on November 19, 2003, in a hospital in savannah.
A. sister
B. born
C. hospital
D. savannah

Which sentence has the correct punctuation?
A. My mom needs to get apple grape and peach jelly at the store.
B. Samanthas shirt is bright green.
C. I cleaned my room, walked the dog, and washed the dishes.
D. Timmy said, throw the ball to me.

Dear Mattie,
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. When are you coming to visit? I hope it’s soon.

Which word in this letter should be followed by a comma?

a. Dear
b. Love
c. I’ve
d. Please

Which movie title is capitalized correctly?
A. The Wizard of Oz
B. The Wizard Of Oz
C. The wizard of oz
D. The Wizard of oz

Which sentence is written correctly?
A. “Are you going to the ball game?” I asked Jenny.
B. “are you going” to the ball game I asked “Jenny.”
C. “Are you going” to the ball game? I asked Jenny.
D. Are you going to the ball game? “I asked Jenny.”

I love my Uncle ______ pizza.
A. Tony’s
B. Tonys
C. Tonyies
D. Tonys’

Look at the address below. Where is a comma needed?
239 Main Street
Augusta Georgia

a. Between Main and Street
b. Between Augusta and Georgia
c. Between 239 and Main
d. After Georgia

Which word in this sentence needs to be capitalized?
Chipper jones played for the Atlanta Braves baseball team.
A. plays
B. baseball
C. team
D. jones

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