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Which of the following is correct?

A. I like games: COC; PUBG; Mobile Legend

B. I like games; COC:PUBG: Mobile Legend

C. I like games: COC, PUBG, Mobile Legend

D. I like games; COC; PUBG; Mobile Legend

It adds extra information in the sentence.

A. Bracket

B. parenthesis

C. comma

D. all of the these

Jim said, I will be late for school today. What is missing in the sentence

A. :

B. ;

C. ” ”

D. ‘ ‘

Oh A sweet chick with a brown hen

A. Oh a sweet chick with a brown hen?

B. Oh? A sweet chick with a brown hen.

C. Oh! A sweet check with a brown hen.

D. Oh, a sweet chick with a brown hen.

Welcome home said mom

A. “Welcome home” said mom.

B. Welcome home “said mom”

C. “Welcome home,” said mom.

D. “Welcome home” said mom?

I like to eat fruits such as mangoes banana and pineapple. What is missing in the sentence?

A. comma

B. colon

C. semi-colon

D. apostrophe

This is used to add two words together to form a new meaning.

A. dash

B. hyphen

C. colon

D. parenthesis

It can be used to show distance, period of time or number of scores.

A. dash

B. hyphen

C. colon

D. parenthesis

This is used to end a sentence.

A. comma

B. question mark

C. exclamation mart

D. full stop

She went away and never came back… What punctuation is used in the sentence?

A. three commas

B. three dots

C. three periods

D. ellipsis

“Are you busy today? ” is what type of question?

A. Tag question

B. Wh-question

C. Yes-No question

D. Interrogative sentence

This is used to separate two main clauses.

A. .

B. :

C. ;

D. ?

Why do we use puntuations?

A. To make our message clearer

B. To use extra character

C. To convey meaning

D. To be proper

We won we won the game. What is lacking in the sentence?

A. ?

B. !

C. .

D. ,

In English, what is the process of making the words shorter? (do not = don’t)

A. contraction

B. construction

C. contractor

D. contracting

This is to show ownership.

A. apostrophe

B. trophy

C. contract

D. apostrophe with ‘s’

This is used to remove some words or letter

A. comma

B. apostrophe

C. ellipsis

D. contraction

Teacher said No cheating please

A. Teacher said ” No cheating please.”

B. Teacher said ” No cheating please!”

C. Teacher said,” No cheating please.”

D. Teacher said,” No cheating please!”


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