Grammar Quiz

Quantifiers and Adjectives Quiz


There are too ————— students in the library.

A. many

B. much

C. some

D. few

We are all eight, but Gary is       ——–           

A.  the youngest 

B.  youngest 

C.  the more young  

D. young

My father is hardworking. He works ____

A. a lot of

B. lots of

C. a lot

D. many

I bought ________ oranges.

A. great some big

B. big great some

C. some great big

Do children need _____ uniform?

A. a

B. any

C. some

D. an

She bought a                —                    of food for it.

A.  five pounds bag             

B.  five-pound bag             

C.  five pound bag       

That’s     …    ……………  shop in town.

A. cheapest  

B.  the cheaper    

C. the cheapest

D. cheap

We met ________ people at the conference.

A. very two smart

B. two very smart

C. very smart two

She spoke      ——– English. It was nearly impossible to understand her.

A. few

B. little

C. many

D. any

Cars are much     ………     now than they were 50 years ago.

A. safer    

B. safest    

C. safe 

D. more safe

My favorite _____ shirt was made in China.

A. Old black cotton

B. Cotton old black

C. Black cotton old

Luau is _____ party.

A. A traditional Hawaiian beach

B. A Hawaiian traditional beach

C. A traditional beach Hawaiian

I have got ______ work to do.

A. a

B. an

C. some

D. any

I was so —————- to see her. She wasn’t supposed to be there.

A. surprised

B. surprising

Andrea had a ________ in her hair yesterday.

A. nice yellow bow

B. yellow nice bow

C. bow nice yellow

I love skydiving. It’s an ————- feeling.

A. amazing

B. amazed

A good book is ——- than a newspaper.

A. good

B. gooder

C. the best

D. better

He helped me to carry________

A. a thirty-kilogram suitcase

B. thirty kilogram suitcase

Yoga is very_____________

A. relaxed

B. relaxing

The river Nile isn’t     …………………..           the Mississippi.

A.  as polluted than

B.  as polluted as

C.  as much polluted as

D. as the most polluted as


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