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Quantifies and Modals of Deduction Quiz


I like this museum, but there are too few modernist paintings in it.

I like this museum, but there _______ modernist paintings in it.

A. are only some

B. aren’t many

C. are too little

D. aren’t enough

Do you have ______ plans for this weekend?

A. some

B. any

C. much

D. no

I went to the cinema but all of the seats were taken.

I went to the cinema but there _____ seats.

A. were no

B. were a few

C. were too little

D. were none

I have been spending a lot of money this money this month, but I still should have _____ to pay rent.

A. some

B. enough

C. none

D. too few

We can get there early, but there are ______ tour guides before 10AM, so we would have to wait.

A. any

B. some

C. none

D. no

Are there many things to do in Sydney?

Are there _______ things to do in Sydney?

A. enough

B. some

C. a lot of

D. a few

I can’t believe this Tesla belongs ______ you! You ______ rich!

A. to/must be

B. with/must be

C. to/should be

D. for/have to be

This is definitely not John’s pen, his isn’t black.

This ______ John’s pen, his isn’t black.

A. won’t be

B. can’t be

C. isn’t

D. mustn’t be

He is so annoying! He is always complaining ______ everything!

A. to

B. about

C. on

D. in

They are arguing _____ money just like they always do.

A. on

B. for

C. about

D. with

My friend is always late, so it is very difficult to depend _____ them

A. in

B. about

C. with

D. on

It’s possible we can get a ticket still, but I’m not sure.

We ______ a ticket, but I’m not sure.

A. could get

B. should get

C. might get

D. will get

I think that school _____ be very expensive.

A. must

B. can

C. doesn’t have to

D. might

I need three beers to cope _____ my annoying co-worker!

A. with

B. about

C. to

D. for


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