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Relative Clause Quiz


The children _________ parents are famous teachers are taught well

A. whom

B. that

C. who

D. whose

Pizza Hut is the restaurant __________ we had dinner last night.

A. who

B. which

C. where

I have started my new occupation as a freelance translator, …. enables me to work at home.

A. where

B. which

C. whose

D. who

The woman _____ daughter was crying tried to calm her down.

A. Whom

B. Which

C. Whose

D. Who

The conference______by non-governmental organizations was about globalization.

A. was plannning

B. planned

C. planning

D. to plan

We passed shops ___________ windows were decorated for Christmas

A. the

B. their

C. whose

D. which

Were you able to locate the person ____________ wallet you found?

A. that his

B. which

C. whose

D. that’s

The car that I want to buy __________.

A. it is economical to drive

B. which is economical to drive

C. is economical to drive. 

It’s the book . It’ll interest children of all ages.

A. It’s the book that it’ll interest children of all ages.

B. It’s the book which will interest children of all ages.

C. It’s the book which it is interested children of all ages.

D. It’s the book who is interested children of all ages.

Patrick likes the girl _______ a puppy.

A. who is

B. which is

C. who holds

D. which hold

I have always found that it’s helpful to have a few wise and trusted people to ____ you can turn for information and advice.

A. which

B. who

C. whom

The truck  ____ crashed into the back of a bus scattering glass everywhere .

A. it was loading with empty bottles

B. which loading with empty bottles

C. loading with empty bottles

D. loaded with empty bottles

Last night, he _____ me about the magnificent scenery and the people ______ he had visited in Singapore.

A. told – whom

B. tells – whom

C. has told – whom

D. has told – whose

He lost my pen. I gave him yesterday.

A. He lost my pen who I gave yesterday.

B. He lost my pen whose I gave yesterday.

C. He lost my pen which I gave yesterday.

D. He lost my pen whom I gave yesterday.

We stood on the bridge______the two small towns of the London.

A. connected

B. connects

C. to connect

D. connecting

Many foods ____ we consume today are all military creations and were first designed for soldiers.          

A. that

B. of which

C. where

D. at which

Mistletoe,______is believed to have magic powers, is traditionally hung over doorways during the Christmas season.

A. that

B. whom

C. which

D. where

Linda, __________is out in the open all day, never catches a cold.

A. whose

B. who

C. which

The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustav Eiffel, _______ a civil engineer by profession.

A. was

B. who was

C. whom was

D. who

Look at that car. My uncle wants one.

A. Look. That´s the car that my uncle wants.

B. Look. That´s the car whom my uncle wants.

C. Look. That´s the car whose my uncle wants.

D. Look. Tha’s the car that my uncle wants one.

This school is often for children _____ first language is not English.

A. who

B. that

C. whose

D. which

I met the girl …. bicycle was broken in the market

A. whose

B. that

C. who

D. whom

All the cats, ………….. were sleeping, were purring quietly.

A. which

B. whom

C. that

D. those

The girl is a singer. We met her at the party.

A. The girl whom we met at the party is a singer.

B. The girl which we met at the party is a singer.

C. The girl whom we met her at the party is a singer.

D. The girl is a singer whom we met at the party.

What’s the name of the man ________gave us a lift?

A. what

B. he

C. who

D. which


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