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Second and Third Conditional Quiz


2nd conditional:

If she were younger,

A. she could be a model

B. she could being a model

C. she could is a model.

D. She could been a model.

third conditional:

If I hadn’t studied English, I ____________ French.

A. had studied

B. would had studied

C. would have study

D. would have studied

third conditional:

If I had studied more, I ____________ the quiz already.

A. finished

B. would finished

C. would have finish

D. would have finished

third conditional:

If + ______________ + would have + past participle.

A. past simple

B. past perfect

C. simple present

D. past participle

third conditional:

I you _____________, we wouldn’t have divorced.

A. cheated on me

B. hadn’t cheat on me

C. hadn’t cheated on me

D. hadn’t on me

Second conditional’s structure consists of

If + __________ + would + verb in base form.

A. present

B. simple past

C. past perfect

D. simple present

2nd conditional:

What would you do,

A. If you get lost in a foreign country?

B. If you getting lost in a foreign country?

C. you got lost in a foreign country?

D. if you got lost in a foreign country?

If I ___________ I would give to charity.

A. would be rich

B. am rich

C. were rich

D. weren’t rich

third conditional:

I would have been happy, If I ___________ you before.

A. have met

B. would met

C. would have met

D. had met

2nd conditional:

If I were you,

A. I wouldn’t waste that money.

B. I wouldn’t wasted that money.

C. I would not wasted that money.

D. I wouldn’t wasting that money.


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