Grammar Quiz

Second Conditionals Quiz


If I ______________a millionaire, I would still work so that I didn’t get bored.

A. am

B. were

C. will be

D. would be

If you _______ ice, it ________.

A. heat… will melt

B. heat … melts

C. will heat … will melt

If my dad ________time next week, we will paint my room.

A. has

B. had

C. will have

D. would have

If my friend ___ to our town next year I ___ him the sights of the city.

A. willcome / show

B. has come / is showing 

C. comes / will show

D. come / shows

What ______ you _____ (to do) if you _____ (to feel) sick? (usual fact)

A. do…do… will feel

B. do…do… feel

C. will …do… feel

D. will …do… will…feel

If I __________my job, I would apply to join the police.

A. lose

B. lost

C. will lose

D. would lose

If I ___ my entrance exams I ___ the happiest man in the world.

A. will pass / would be

B. will pass / be

C. passed / would have been

D. passed / would be

He __________ pass his exams, unless he __________ hard.

A. won’t …. doesn’t study

B. won’t … studies

C. won’t … will study

He ______ that car if he ______ money.

A. bought/had

B. bought/would had

C. buys/had

D. would buy/had

If cars were not invented, it would ______ difficult to travel.

A. was

B. were

C. be

D. is

We _______if we had the money. Unfortunately houses are expensive in this area.

A. move

B. moved

C. will move

D. would move

You wouldn’t be nervous if you ______ for your exam.

A. study

B. studied

C. would study

D. will study

If they had enough money, they _________a new car.

A. buy

B. bought

C. will buy

D. would buy

If I __________you a secret, will you promise not to tell anyone?

A. tell

B. told

C. will tell

D. would tell

Which country ______ you like to live if you had the chance?

A. did

B. could

C. would

D. do

What ___ you ___ (to do) if there ____ (be) nothing to watch on TV? (usually)

A. do …do… is

B. do … will… be

C. will… do… is

D. would… do… will be

Which color ______ you ______ if you had the option?

A. did/chose

B. did/choose

C. would/chose

D. would/choose

He’s coming to our offices tomorrow. If I ______________him, I’ll give him the message.

A. see

B. saw

C. wil see

D. would see

We ________the exam if we studied harder (but we’re playing videogames).

A. pass

B. passed

C. will pass

D. would pass

What would you ______ if you had millions?

A. do

B. did

C. were doing

D. was doing

If I ___ the car myself I ___ you use it.

A. didn’t need / would let

B. didn’t need / wouldn’t let

C. don’t need / would let

D. needed / would let

If I _________ the president, I _____ lower the taxes. (imaginary)

A. will be…will

B. were… would

C. would be … would

If Pat repaired his bike, he __________ on a bicycle tour with us.

A. go

B. went

C. will go

D. would go

If I __________you, I would invite Jack to the party.

A. am

B. were

C. will be

D. would be

Our teacher ___________happy if we learn the poem by heart.

A. is

B. was

C. will be

D. would be


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