Should and Shouldn't Quiz


People ______fast in the town centre.

A. shouldn’t drive

B. should drive

You____some fruit or vegetables every day.

A. should eat

B. shouldn’t eat

When someone does you a favour, you _____thank you.

A. should say

B. shouldn’t say

It’s an incredible film. You _______it.

A. should watch

B. shouldn’t watch

It’s cold. You___________a cardigan.

A. should wear

B. shouldn’t wear

He_________more if he wants to pass his exam.

A. should study

B. shouldn’t study

You______the teacher to help you if you don’t understand the lesson.

A. should ask

B. shouldn’t ask

You have a great job; you _______it.

A. should change

B. shouldn’t change

You________ so much coffee; it’s bad for your blood pressure.

A. shouldn’t drink

B. should drink

The government ____________people.

A. should help

B. shouldn’t help


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