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Should and Shouldn't Quiz


I have a test tomorrow.

A. You should go to the library for borrow some books.

B. You shouldn’t get up late in the morning.

C. You should read and try to understand about the topics in notebook.

D. You shouldn’t play online games with friends.

You______the teacher to help you if you don’t understand the lesson.

A. should ask

B. shouldn’t ask

It’s cold. You___________a cardigan.

A. should wear

B. shouldn’t wear

more – You – should – exercise

A. exercise You more should

B. You should exercise more.

C. You more exercise should

D. You should more exercise

That road is very dangerous. They … there at night.

A. shouldn’t drive

B. should driving

C. shouldn’t driving

I got a bad mark in English.

A. You shouldn’t take pictures at the park.

B. You should try harder next time.

C. You shouldn’t tell anybody.

D. You should see the doctor.

I want to become rich and famous. …?

A. What I should do

B. How I should do

C. What should I do

You_______to that restaurant. The food is terrible.

A. shouldn’t go

B. should go

You________ so much coffee; it’s bad for your blood pressure.

A. shouldn’t drink

B. should drink

The word should is used to recommend ____________ ideas

A. good

B. bad

C. interesting

D. surprising

It’s an incredible film. You _______it.

A. should watch

B. shouldn’t watch

The government ____________people.

A. should help

B. shouldn’t help

When you have a cold, you … lots of water and get lots of rest.

A. are should drink

B. should drinking

C. should drink

Thomas wants to travel to Europe next summer. He … his money.

A. should save

B. shouldn’t save

C. should saves

(A) … I eat that candy?
(B) No, you ….

A. Should/should

B. Shouldn’t/don’t

C. Should/shouldn’t

Oh, no! I have a huge problem. What …?

A. should I do

B. I should do

C. I should to do

When someone does you a favour, you _____thank you.

A. should say

B. shouldn’t say

You have a great job; you _______it.

A. should change

B. shouldn’t change

He- driving – fast – shouldn’t – so – be

A. He be driving shouldn’t so fast.

B. He shouldn’t be driving so fast.

C. He be so fast driving shouldn’t

D. He be driving shouldn’t so fast

He_________more if he wants to pass his exam.

A. should study

B. shouldn’t study

I …………… have shouted at you. I apologies.

A. should

B. shouldn’t

The word shouldn’t means should not and is used to communicate ____________ ideas

A. good

B. interesting

C. surprising

D. bad

She has a cough. She ….. drink cold drinks.

A. Shouldn’t

B. Should

C. Shouldn’t have

D. Should have

People ______fast in the town centre.

A. shouldn’t drive

B. should drive

You____some fruit or vegetables every day.

A. should eat

B. shouldn’t eat


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