Grammar Quiz

Should, Should not have Quiz


I ___________ _____________ . (wait)

A. waited

B. was waiting

C. shouldn’t have

D. should have waited

I ___________ ______________ the trash on the beach. (not throw)

A. should have thrown

B. Shouldn’t have threw

C. shouldn’t have thrown

D. threw

She ___________ ____________ that house. (not sell)

A. should have waited

B. shouldn’t have waited

C. should waited

D. shouldn’t wait

I __________ ____________ the danger at the beginning. (realize)

A. realizes

B. shouldn’t have realized

C. should have realized

D. should has realized

I ___________ _____________ that coat. (buy)

A. should have buy

B. shouldn’t have bought

C. should have bought

D. buy

I __________ _____________ to my own parents. (write)

A. shouldn’t have written

B. should wrote

C. should write

D. should have written

I __________ ______________ a long time ago. (not listen)

A. shouldn’t have listened

B. didn’t listen

C. should have listened

D. wasn’t listening

He __________ ____________ you the money. (not give)

A. should have given

B. shouldn’t have given

C. shouldn’t have gave

D. gave

I ___________ _______________ more politely. (act)

A. shouldn’t have acted

B. should has act

C. acting

D. should have acted

They _____________ ___________________ so late. (not arrive)

A. should have arrived

B. shouldn’t have arrived

C. didn’t arrive

D. arrive

I ___________ ____________ more money. (have)

A. shouldn’t have had

B. should have had

C. should having

D. have

They _____________ ___________________ so late. (not arrive)

A. should have arrived

B. arriving

C. arrives

D. shouldn’t have arrived

I ___________ ___________ happy. (be)

A. shouldn’t have been

B. being

C. are

D. should have been

I know I ___________ _______________ but I was at a meeting. (call)

A. should have called

B. shouldn’t have called

C. should has calling

D. calls

I ___________ ____________ more for the English test. (study)

A. shouldn’t have studied

B. should have studied

C. should studied

D. should has studied


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