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Similes Quiz


Which simile DOES NOT means

“moving very quick or fast’?

A. as fast as lightning

B. as light as a feather

C. as swift as a deer

D. as agile as a monkey

Outside, it was very cold and the wind howled loudly. Inside, we had a warm fire, and we were
A. as cold as a January morning
B. as cold as ice
C. as snug as a bug in a rug
D. as warm as a rabbit in a snowstorm

“The dress fits like a glove,” describes
A. a dress that is too big
B. a dress that is too tight
C. a dress that fits perfectly
D. a dress that is too long

as vain as a peacock means

A. fancy

B. useless

C. proud

D. beautiful

Which simile means ‘showing a lack of courage or easily frightened’?

A. as brave as a lion

B. as calm as a cat

C. as timid as a cat

D. as timid as a mouse

Which simile means “healthy and strong’?

A. as fit as a fiddle

B. as strong as an ox

C. as good as gold

D. as cunning as a fox

as agile as a ____________

A. rabbit

B. squirrel

C. monkey

D. bull

As cheap as
A. gold
B. a new car
C. a diamond ring
D. dirt

as strong as __________

A. Hercules

B. Hang Tuah

C. a giant

Which word CANNOT be used with

as wise as ________?

A. Solomon

B. an owl

C. a professor

Pick the word that best fits the simile:
The children were as quiet as
A. frogs in the swamp
B. dogs chasing cats
C. a mouse
D. a lion

Which simile describes something that is unwanted or unwelcome? 
A. As welcome as a skunk at a picnic
B. As welcome as a $100
C. As welcome as a Christmas gift
D. as welcome as a new car

Freddy was with all of his friends when their ball went over the fence into the neighbor’s yard, where a big, scary dog lived. It has been said the last child that went into the yard was eaten alive. Freddy decides to go anyway. He is
A. as quick as a 
B. as brave as a lion
C. like taking candy from a baby
D. as white as snow

Which simile means “Never listen to others’?

A. as calm as a cat

B. as cunning as a fox

C. as cool as a cucumber

D. as stubborn as a mule

“As different as night and day,” describes
A. two things that are very different
B. two things that are alike
C. two things that are similar
D. two things that are just the same


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