Grammar Quiz

Simple Future Tense Quiz


______ you ______ the party tonight?

A. Will … join

B. Are … join

C. Will … be join

D. Is … joining

We …………… football next week.

A. Going to play

B. Go to play

C. Going to playing

D. Are going to play

She … angry if I am late

A. will

B. will be

C. is

D. are

This Saturday It’s my Birthday so my mum ____________ a cake

A. made

B. will make

C. will

D. will made

Mumun …. Go to Setu Babakan

A. was

B. were

C. will

D. would

Will the soup be ready soon?

Yes, _________. ____________ in a few minutes.

A. It’ll. It going to be ready

B. it will. It ready

C. it will. It’ll be ready

D. it’ll. It will be ready

I think, I will … Doctor

A. Go to

B. went to

C. going to

D. not go to

I’m very busy. This afternoon I ____________ my English homework

A. will sleep

B. will eat

C. will do

D. will walk

I think he…………………………. (not come) back his hometown.

A. doesn’t come

B. isn’t coming

C. won’t come

Which sentence is correct?

A. Jack will calls me.

B. Jack will call me.

C. Jack will call me yesterday.

We ______ visit Thailand this holiday.

A. will

B. shall

I … be there tomorrow

A. will

B. will be

C. am

D. was

Answer the dialogue below with the future tense!

Ari : What will your buy in Monas?

Bunga : _______________________

A. I buy ketoprak in Monas

B. I will buy gado-gado in Monas

C. I will buy kerak telor in Monas

D. I would buy nasi goreng in Monas

Nita : what are you planning to do with all these sculpture?

Rachmat : I . . . . . them in cultural fair next month.

A. To be exhibiting

B. To exhibit

C. Will exhibit

D. Be exhibiting

_____ you come with me?

A. Will

B. Shall

C. Will / Shall

Will the movie begin soon?

Yes, ____. __________at 8:00.

A. It will. It going to begin

B. It will. It begin

C. it’ll. It will begin

D. It will. It will begin

_______ I help you with the bags?

A. Will

B. Shall

Watch out! The wall________fall down on you!

A. am going to

B. is going to

C. is going

D. going to

What ______ Class 4E ______ next Monday ?

A. will … show

B. do … showing

C. does … show

D. will … showed

Winston _____ mainland China next year.

A. visit

B. visited

C. will visit

D. will visiting

My website . . . . . the best source for English learners someday.

A. Will be

B. Will

C. Going to be

D. Going to

Ari … not play football anymore

A. will be

B. will

C. is

D. are

Are Mr. and Mrs. Salazar going to watch basketball?

No, _________. ___________ soccer

A. they aren’t. They are going to watch

B. they not. They watch

C. they aren’t. They are watch

D. they aren’t. They going to watch

They __________ (not) be in London next week.

A. will

B. will not

C. not will

D. not

I ________________ the dog later.

A. will walk

B. walk

C. walks

D. walked


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