Grammar Quiz

Simple Past or Past Continuous Quiz


It……all the day

A. was rain

B. was raining

C. were raining

D. were rain

She __________ (talk) to John on the phone when I _________ (walk) in. ข้อใดเติมได้ถูกต้อง

A. was talking, walked

B. talked, was walking

C. were talking, walked

D. talked, were walking

I….. sad when she left me yesterday.

A. am

B. were

C. was

D. did

When the teacher __________(come) into the room, two boys _________(play) football.

A. was coming, were playing

B. came , were playing

C. were coming, played

D. came, were playing

He didn’t . . . . . the answer for that question.

A. knew

B. know

C. known

D. knows

A thief broke into our house last night while my sister and I _____ (pick up) a pizza for dinner.

A. were picking up

B. picked up

We……videogames yesterday at 5 o’clock

A. were play

B. was playing

C. were playing

D. was play

I _____ (shop) with some friends yesterday, and I _____ (lose) my keys.

A. was shopping / was losing

B. shopped / lost

C. was shopping /lost

The phone rang while I……breakfast

A. were having

B. were have

C. was have

D. was having

I (watch) …………………….. TV when my father (come)………………

A. watched/came

B. was watching/came

C. were watching/came

D. watched/was coming

Winda … her grandma in the hospital yesterday.

A. visited

B. visit

C. visits

D. visiting

I …… a cake to your house last night.

A. bring

B. brought

C. brings

D. bringing

I ….. him two weeks ago at the book store.

A. see

B. seen

C. seeing

D. saw

While we ____________ (walk) with my umbrella, we ______ (find) a coin.

A. walked, was finding

B. was walking, found

C. walked, were finding

D. were walking, found

They ________ (meet) when they __________ (work) in Paris. ข้อใดเติมได้ถูกต้อง

A. were meeting, were working

B. were meeting, worked

C. was meeting, was working

D. was meeting, worked

Ratna ….. to my house last week but I wasn’t at home.

A. comes

B. come

C. came

D. coming

I was walking when you____________

A. called

B. calling

C. call

D. cal

While Kate ___________(drink) some milk, she ___________(drop) the glass.

A. drank, was dropping

B. was drinking, dropped

C. drank, were dropping

D. were drinking, dropped

We … in this restaurant two days ago.

A. ate

B. eaten

C. eating

D. eat


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