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Simple Past/Past Progressive Quiz


I was sleeping when the thief _____ all of my jewelry.

A. were taking

B. was taking

C. took

D. taked

Jannat was driving a car to school _____ her mom was cleaning the kitchen.

A. when

B. after

C. yesterday

D. while

During that time, I __________ in Japan.

A. taught

B. was teaching

C. were teaching

D. teached

The con man __________ a doctor when he was caught.

A. frauded

B. were impersonating

C. impersonate

D. was impersonating

Khalid _____ his leg last night playing football.

A. broke

B. was breaking

C. was breaked

D. were breaking

Yesterday, he _____ his books in the hallway.

A. was dropping

B. dropped

C. was dropped

D. drop

“You need to stay calm now. The plane is just hitting some turbulence.”

What is “turbulence” in this sentence?

A. violent and uneven movement within a particular area of air

B. the hard, solid substance found in the ground that is often used for building

C. a substance in a form like air that is neither solid nor liquid

D. the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth and that we breathe

_______ he was learning English at school.

A. At that time,

B. When

C. While

D. After

What is the synonym for “lay off”?

“Millions of people have been laid off in the steel industry.”

A. rehabilitate

B. sack

C. rest

D. honor

She is working… a big presentation for next week.

A. up

B. about

C. as

D. on

I believed my friend when she ____ she was sorry.

A. were saying

B. was said

C. said

D. was saying

I… on the ice while I was crossing the street in front of the dorm.

A. was slipped

B. slipping

C. had slipped

D. slipped

My brother was eating his dinner while I _____ for English.

A. studied

B. was studying

C. were studying

D. studyed

“I accidentally knocked a glass over.”

What word or phrase can be used instead of “accidentally” in this sentence?

A. deliberately

B. on purpose

C. unintentionally

D. intentionally

“Her knowledge and experience would make her a priceless asset to the team.”

What is the synonym for “priceless”?

A. useless

B. valuable

C. helpless

D. common

What verb can be used instead of “run into” in the following sentence?

“Yesterday at the airport, I ran into Rick Collins, an old friend of mine.”

A. come across

B. rehearse

C. leave for

D. turn down

I_____________ at the department store when the craziest thing happened.

A. was working

B. worked

C. was worked

D. were working

Last week, we ______ about extreme sports.

A. were talking

B. talked

C. was talking

D. was talked

I saw my old friend yesterday at the park while I ________ a walk.

A. was taking

B. taked

C. was taked

D. were taking

What is the meaning of “ace” in the following sentence?

“I was up all night studying, but it was worth it – I aced my chemistry final.”

A. to do very well in an exam

B. to do very badly in an exam

C. to score low

D. to fail

While Mohammed was eating dinner, his wife ________ into the room.

A. was coming

B. came

C. is coming

D. comed

When I arrived at university yesterday, someone _____ my wallet.

A. stole

B. was stealing

C. stealed

D. was steal

When I was texting and walking, I __________ into a tree!

A. were walking

B. was walked

C. walked

D. was walking

What is the meaning of “under the weather”?

“Tom’s feeling a little under the weather so he couldn’t come tonight.”

A. infuriated

B. furious

C. anxious

D. ill

He fell… the ladder when he saw the flash. Fortunately, he’s OK.

A. about

B. up

C. off

D. as


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