Grammar Quiz

Simple Past/Past Progressive Quiz


I saw my old friend yesterday at the park while I ________ a walk.

A. was taking

B. taked

C. was taked

D. were taking

Yesterday, he _____ his books in the hallway.

A. was dropping

B. dropped

C. was dropped

D. drop

When I arrived at university yesterday, someone _____ my wallet.

A. stole

B. was stealing

C. stealed

D. was steal

I_____________ at the department store when the craziest thing happened.

A. was working

B. worked

C. was worked

D. were working

Last week, we ______ about extreme sports.

A. were talking

B. talked

C. was talking

D. was talked

Jannat was driving a car to school _____ her mom was cleaning the kitchen.

A. when

B. after

C. yesterday

D. while

My brother was eating his dinner while I _____ for English.

A. studied

B. was studying

C. were studying

D. studyed

While Mohammed was eating dinner, his wife ________ into the room.

A. was coming

B. came

C. is coming

D. comed

I was sleeping when the thief _____ all of my jewelry.

A. were taking

B. was taking

C. took

D. taked

When I was texting and walking, I __________ into a tree!

A. were walking

B. was walked

C. walked

D. was walking

During that time, I __________ in Japan.

A. taught

B. was teaching

C. were teaching

D. teached

_______ he was learning English at school.

A. At that time,

B. When

C. While

D. After

The con man __________ a doctor when he was caught.

A. frauded

B. were impersonating

C. impersonate

D. was impersonating

Khalid _____ his leg last night playing football.

A. broke

B. was breaking

C. was breaked

D. were breaking

I believed my friend when she ____ she was sorry.

A. were saying

B. was said

C. said

D. was saying


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