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Simple Past Tense and Past Perfect Tense Quiz


Joshua and I had bought the tickets long before they ___ the concert. 

A. had canceled

B. will cancel

C. canceled

D. cancels

My brother broke his leg after he fell from a motorcycle three days

A. Later

B. More

C. Ago

D. Last

……Tuesday I saw Enid hunt a rabbit in the woods.

A. Later

B. More

C. Ago

D. Last

Wendy: I thought you got the invitation.

Rika: Yes I . . . . . Wendy: Then why didn’t you show up last night?

Rika: I’m sorry, My mom needed me last night.

A. Did

B. Done

C. Do

D. Thought

My father had ___ his car before the rain came. 

A. wash

B. washed

C. washes

D. washing

Before the ambulance came, Dr. Harry and Dr. Wendy ___ cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient. 

A. had done

B. would done

C. would have do

D. have done

Britney ___ English before she took the TOEFL test last Monday. 

A. has studied

B. studies

C. will study

D. had study 

Paul : Why didn’t you come to the studio?

Alicia : The rain was big, and I was trapped.

Paul : Mr. Bane . . . . us how to play drum correctly, you missed the lesson.

A. Teach

B. Teaches

C. Taught

D. Teached

I ___ my capibara right before I left home.

A. feeds

B. feed

C. had fed

D. have fed

I . . . . . the backflip when I was younger.

A. Could did

B. Could do

C. Can do

D. Can did

As soon as Kevin had finished his meals, the servant ___ all the cutlery on the table and ___ it with the clean one. 

A. took, changed

B. take, change

C. take, changes

D. taken, changed

Leonardo registered himself for an online game competition….

A. Tomorrow

B. Yesterday

C. Next Monday

D. Today

Tommy had cycled for 25 kilometers when he ___ the finish line. 

A. sees

B. see

C. saw

D. seen

Tari . . . . to the bank two hours ago she said she wanted to save her money.

A. Gone

B. Went

C. Goes

D. Go

The seller ___ all the packages before the couriers took them. 

A. had checked

B. had checks

C. have check

D. has checked


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