Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Quiz


He ___________ like spaghetti

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

C. do

D. does

The dog often__________ after the cat. (run)

A. run

B. runs

The dog never ___________ out of the house

A. run

B. runs

Rohan and Sania ____________ to play card games.

A. are like

B. likes

C. liking

D. like

Martin ____________ for a walk in the morning.

A. go

B. will go

C. goes

D. going

Jay _____ (be) a good student.

A. bes

B. is

C. are

D. be

We ______________ photos. (take)

A. take

B. takes

Kevin ______________ his workbook.

A. not does open

B. not do open

C. don’t open

D. doesn’t open

We ____________ the family car.

A. don’t wash

B. doesn’t wash

C. not do watch

D. not does watch

Julie ………………… in the garden. (not work)

A. doesn’t work

B. don’t work

I _____ (have) English, Maths, Vietnamese and P.E on Mondays.

A. have

B. haves

C. has

D. had

…………….. they (have)……….breakfast every morning?

A. Does, have

B. Do, have

Simon ___________ English books every day. (read)

A. read

B. reads

She __________________ the animals. (feed)

A. feed

B. feeds

Janet _________________to be a singer.

A. want

B. wants

C. wanting

D. is wanting

My parents___________ TV.

A. aren’t watch

B. doesn’t watch

C. not watch

D. don’t watch

The boys ______ in the garden.
A. do play
B. are play
C. play
D. plays

My father ………………… the car every Saturday. (not clean)

A. doesn’t clean

B. don’t clean

She ___________ snakes

A. touch

B. touches

We usually _____ (go) to school by bus.

A. go

B. gos

C. goes

D. gone

There are a lake near my house.

A. There

B. are

C. a

D. near

Emily ———————– delicious cookies.

A. make

B. is makes

C. making

D. makes

Sherlock _____ (play) in the garden with her cat.

A. playen

B. playss

C. play

D. plays

There is a lot of trees and flowers behind her house.

A. is

B. of

C. and

D. behind

Doris __________ her homework.

A. not do do

B. not does do

C. don’t do

D. doesn’t do


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