Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Quiz


I _____ (have) English, Maths, Vietnamese and P.E on Mondays.

A. have

B. haves

C. has

D. had

Rohan and Sania ____________ to play card games.

A. are like

B. likes

C. liking

D. like

Does he climb a tree?
A. Yes, he does
B. No, he doesn´t
C. No. he don´t
D. Yes, he do

There are a lake near my house.

A. There

B. are

C. a

D. near

My parents___________ TV.

A. aren’t watch

B. doesn’t watch

C. not watch

D. don’t watch

They ______________ to bed at 8.30 p.m.

A. not do go

B. not does go

C. don’t go

D. doesn’t go

I ________ in Miraflores.
A. lives
B. live
C. eats
D. plays

He ____________a handsome salary.

A. earn

B. earns

C. earning

D. is earns

Long have three dogs and one cat.

A. cat

B. have

C. dogs

D. and

Cows ____________ on grass.

A. feed

B. feeds

C. feeding

D. is feed

We usually _____ (go) to school by bus.

A. go

B. gos

C. goes

D. gone

The dog never ___________ out of the house

A. run

B. runs

Jay _____ (be) a good student.

A. bes

B. is

C. are

D. be

My grandfather ____________his pet dog.

A. adore

B. adores

C. adoring

D. adorees

They ___________ ( not speak) French very well.

A. doesn´t speak

B. don´t speak

C. aren´t speak

D. isn’t speak

Sherlock _____ (play) in the garden with her cat.

A. playen

B. playss

C. play

D. plays

The dogs ________ in the garden.

A. do sleep

B. sleeps

C. sleep

D. are sleep

My brother _____(like) HipHop music.

A. leik

B. like

C. likes

D. liken

Plants ____________water and sunlight for making their food.

A. need

B. needs

C. needing

D. needes

That boy ______ (study) at Tan Minh primary school.

A. study

B. studies

C. studie

D. studys

The boys ______ in the garden.
A. do play
B. are play
C. play
D. plays

Arti and her husband ____________ in Singapore.

A. live

B. lives

C. living

D. are live

I _____ (go) to school from Monday to Friday every week.

A. go

B. gos

C. goes

D. gone

She ___________ snakes

A. touch

B. touches

He somtimes _____ (play) football with his father in the afernoon.

A. playing

B. play

C. player

D. plays


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