Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Quiz


Kate ________ vegetables every day.
A. does eat
B. is eat
C. eat
D. eats

I ________ in Miraflores.
A. lives
B. live
C. eats
D. plays

Every day they…

A. They eat in a restaurant

B. They go to the gym

C. They play in the park

D. They visit a museum

My mother __________ the house on Sunday.
A. doesn’t clean
B. not cleans
C. don’t clean
D. doesn’t cleans

My parents___________ TV.

A. aren’t watch

B. doesn’t watch

C. not watch

D. don’t watch

Does he climb a tree?
A. Yes, he does
B. No, he doesn´t
C. No. he don´t
D. Yes, he do

My friend _________ English and Math.
A. study
B. studies
C. does study
D. is study

Choose the correct.

A. Peter don´t like horror movies.

B. Peter likes horror movies.

C. Peter isn’t like horror movies

They ___________ ( not speak) French very well.

A. doesn´t speak

B. don´t speak

C. aren´t speak

D. isn’t speak

The boys ______ in the garden.
A. do play
B. are play
C. play
D. plays

The dogs ________ in the garden.

A. do sleep

B. sleeps

C. sleep

D. are sleep

She ___________ ( study ) English everyday

A. Study

B. Studies

C. Studying.

D. studied


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